Advantech focuses on the personal characteristics and potential of its employees. We hope our staff can work freely and realize their dreams at Advantech.

With the purpose to cultivate talent, Advantech has designed a series of talent cultivation programs, which range from ten core program, case study, Study club, e-Learning and LEAP Camp, among others. Advantech College provides a global growth platform that focuses on study, allowing all Advantech talent to acquire consistent progress through active study. The Management LEAP Camp Program plan started in 2011 inherits the unique culture and operating philosophy of Advantech through its branding concept design, and also provides an opportunity for select employees to be involved in key strategies and actual operation. This promotes the interaction between senior level directors and our employees and helps us discover future leaders.

To expand our employees’ international experience, internal job rotation and overseas assignment are a great channel for study and growth. Advantech arranges three to six months of assignment training within the company; the change of work environment and occupation will expand an employee's international outlook while achieving the short term task goals and providing them with valuable experiences.