Fostering excellence among employees is the most important asset of Advantech. In order to achieve these goals, the company runs a “school-like” program to foster "accelerated growth of outstanding personnel." In addition to general education and training, the company uniquely offers "Business Case Study" in a manner similar to that commonly used in business management colleges and EMBA programs. This unique study channel is offered from the company's corporate offices.

The themes of “Business Case Study” are usually big issues relevant to the future overall development of Advantech, decided upon by Advantech senior level managers, business management and other decision-making levels. We invite the experts and business management scholars from all fields to discuss to propose a problem, and recommend solutions. Advantech keeps the data and ideas provided by these experts for later reference.

Since the launch of “Business Case Study” in 2009, our partners have included Professor Li Jiren of the International Business Department, National Taiwan University; Professor Yu Zhuomin from the Business Administration Department, National Chengchi University; and other famous professors. Topics explored have included personnel, production, market development and other key subjects faced by corporate transition, as well as corporate social responsibility and other soft subjects. The diverse topics are inclusive of the newest concepts and thoughts in the industry, and also make Advantechers clarify the roots of problems through dialectical thinking.

In the initial stages of the “Business Case Study,” dialogs are mainly between senior level managers and professors, and in the follow-up discussions and implementation period, the teachers will discuss with managers, and managers will also deliver the industrial concepts and current implementation effectiveness to employees; this kind of research method not only builds a deep dialog between theory and practice, but also helps get the most out of industry and academic teaming!

Through the "Business Case Study" method, Advantechers will be led by internal and external experts involved in the research and thus discuss, analyze and communicate more effectively, and further work out directives and executive plans that have a profound influence on Advantech, and also become the driving engine for Advantech's growth and progress.