LEAP Camp is a unique and global connection learning channel for Advantechers. LEAP Camp signifies: Learning, Experience, Alignment and Partnership, and defines the 4 major tasks of the LEAP Camp experience:

  1. Enhance professional knowledge and skills.
  2. Experience the Advantech culture.
  3. Expand interpersonal networks and connect to global partners.
  4. Establish Advantech global team.

LEAP Camp mainly targets global talent from PM Marketing, Sales, AE (Application Engineer), Infrastructure and other fields. Starting in 2005, and repeating every May, more than 100 carefully selected elite partners from around the world will gather at Advantech headquarters to participate in this 6-day event. In order to strengthen the communication and exchange between these partners, the 6-day program is conducted mainly in English. The content consists of four parts: Common Track, Professional Track, Cultural Experience and People Network.

Through the 6-day LEAP Camp, Advantech elite partners from all over the world will have a direct link to headquarters resources and contacts, experience Advantech's culture, and deepen their professional learning experience. After returning they can spread Advantech's culture, company policies and expertise to overseas locations, strengthening the global connection of Advantech.