Senior (with more than six years of experience) managers under the Executive Coach above AVP, directly participate in highly relevant work critical issues, becoming an important program for Advantech's talents and topic innovation and implementation. Through the customized Individual Development Plan, we will accelerate the cultivation and promotion of talents, practice promote within to help Advantech grow in the future, and hope to promote high-potential managers to the next management position.

Elite LEAP Workout has a total of seven processes, from the nomination of high-potential talents to the topics recommended by senior executives, and in conjunction with the discussion and presentation of OKR, it clearly clarifies the expectations of Workout. At the same time, through parallel discussions from outside in perspective, more possible directions are opened, and then decision-making and detailed action plans and briefings are made. High-potential talents can work together to participate in the company's business decision-making, learn the integration and coordination from high-level executives on major issues, and establish practical experience, and indeed implement to track future performance.