Beginning in July, 2011, in order to nurture outstanding leaders, Advantech started the Management LEAP Camp. The goals are to learn Advantech's physical and practical operations, such as IMAX (Incubation, Merger & Controlling Joint Venture, Alliance & Outsourcing, X product), its ABP's (Annual Business Plan) innovative operating method through branding concept design, and its cultivation of core employees and leaders, allowing them to become driving force for Advantech's growth and progress.

The Management LEAP Camp plan originated from the Japanese business guru - Kazuo Inamori's "Amoeba operating” concept, which divides a company into many small units. Every unit makes its own annual plan, runs separately, and assumes sole responsibility for its profits or losses, much like a free formed amoeba. This concept makes the organization more flexible, reinforces the participatory sense within the organization, and also gives employees a sense of responsibility and autonomy.

Advantech actively cultivates leaders in all groups through its Management LEAP Camp; 30 excellent mid-level managers have been selected in the first session of the elite plan. In addition, 11 key topics have also been decided by management units to develop employee planning skills. The topics include product design processes, organizational development, and product pricing strategy (hard skills), and Advantech's “happy activities” corporate planning, and construction of the Kunshan “Happiness Park” (soft skills). After up to six months of group discussion and practice, the working solutions proposed by elite trainees can be used in actual company projects, which reinforce the employees’ sense of participation, as well as letting them feel the company is genuinely concerned about their input.

The Management LEAP Camp combines 12 modules. There is pre-workshop, a reading club (specifying the book to be read), a mentor and case study, which uses Advantech's operating philosophy and practices, as well as builds a close relationship between employees, professors and senior-level managers. This leads to long-term partnerships, constant interaction and the discovery of talent, and BU/COE leaders. The method uses the idea of cultivating "crack troops” and provides Advantechers with learning resources for continuous growth, enabling them to make contributions and utilize their full talent to the work at hand.