Learning is a never-ending process in Advantech's work environment! Advantech's KC Liu said, "All supervisors can build consensus among team members by reading a book together." With his top-to-bottom, hands-on facilitation, we have set up reading clubs in all offices at Advantech worldwide, and regularly have a reading party to learn, explore possibilities and put into practice the knowledge gleaned from this experience within the company. We also invite outside experts and scholars in business management, operational planning and other fields, as well as mid-to-senior level managers to develop concepts and ideas together. This brings innovation to management concepts, helping Advantech and its employees realize growth.

The 3-Circle Principle that Advantech strictly follows originated from Jim Collins book, "Good to Great (From A to A +)." The book mentions that a company should clearly define a three circle principle, called the "Hedgehog Principle" (Figure 1 below) and commit to them permanently. The analogy to a hedgehog is from the way it rolls itself into a ball when attacked. The message in "From A to A +" is that a company should be engaged in a single unbreakable cause. Advantech finds the "Hedgehog Principle" suitable to its culture, and has adopted it within the company through numerous reading discussions.

Another “bible” for Advantech is the book, "Amoeba Operating," by Japanese management guru Kazuo Inamori. It has also been highly recommended by CEO KC Liu, and its message has become the current operating philosophy behind Advantech.

"Amoeba Operating" divides a company into many small units; every unit makes its own annual plan, runs separately and assumes sole responsibility for its profits or losses, like a free formed "amoeba,". This makes the organization more flexible. We are devoted to developing multiple strategic groups as using this amoeba principle, to form a growing strength for Advantechers.

Employees voluntarily read all kinds of books at the various reading clubs. CEO KC Liu often shares the reading of operation's management books with employees; Advantechers can absorb creative concepts and operating philosophy from the books and discuss and explore the theoretical knowledge with each other. They can further apply these creative thoughts and management methods to work, helping them and Advantech to both grow.