To provide Advantechers with the most needed knowledge and skills, after interviewing with senior level directors and looking into the company's internal operations, we divide the most needed knowledge and skills into production and manufacturing, marketing and sales, talent asset, research and development, and finance and value creation - 5 categories and 10 curricula. We call it the Ten Core Program.

The spirit of Ten Core Program is to impart the most basic knowledge and skills of Advantech to employees, and make them learn Advantech's systems and regulations, so that they can work with higher proficiency.

The Ten Core Program are used to nurture every employee, acquainting them with the company's systems and regulations, while giving them a better overall understanding of the company's policies and directions.

These Ten Core Program are delivered by lecture, the design elements of the class must combine the management systems and tools of the company, and the teaching methods are diverse, such as workshops, case studies, role plays and quizzes, in order to best guarantee the learning results of students.

In a nutshell, the Ten Core Program is based on "Advantech systems," expecting that every employee can learn all aspects of the company operation and work with higher proficiency through their study.

Advantech 10-Core Program: