Advantech has created a true "happy farm" (in the best sense)! "Organic", "natural", "environmental" and "earth loving" are goals we have always pursued, and being close to and feeling nature's vitality are sources of energy for Advantechers. In 2009, Director KC Liu happened to see an organic farm in Yilan County of Taiwan, and had a firsthand experience of natural, chemical-free agriculture. So he seized upon the idea of providing all employees with an opportunity to get close to nature and enjoy organic vegetables; this good idea planted the seeds for Advantech organic farms.

In order to allow more Advantechers a chance to enjoy the organic farming experience, Advantech organic plots have been open for employee adoption every half year since 2011. In addition to providing organic fertilizer and seeds and seedlings for the eager gardeners, we also give organic produce and house plants to those employees who take a serious interest in organic horticulture!

Professional farmers are employed to carefully tend the organic plots on our busy work days, while on the weekends, Advantechers remember that "Farmers' feet are the best fertilizer" and take their families to work hard on the farmland. The organic produce make use of no pesticides or chemical fertilizers and have to compete with weeds, so they are especially nutritious and tenacious of life; up to now the organic gardens have produced Chinese parsley, ashitaba, purpurea, cauliflower, cabbage, strawberries and various other vegetables and fruits. The organic vegetables and fruits planted with our own hands taste especially delicious. Organic gardening is the perfect activity for Advantechers to experience farming on weekends and holidays. These activities also echo Advantech's altruistic spirit, and provide opportunities to disadvantaged groups and children to experience organic gardening. The Mustard Seed Mission, I-Link Community Services Association, Taohuayuan, and Taipei Orphans’ Welfare Foundation have all had good experiences with our organic farms.

The aim of Advantech organic farms is to provide employees and their families and other designated people with opportunities to experience organic farming and a healthy diet, and also allow employees to care for themselves, their families, and the earth, thus helping to enable sustainable agriculture. "Come admiringly, come willingly, come frequently, come together" is the motto of Advantech organic farms, in the hope that employees can feel the vitality of nature and experience an inner "green happiness."

Referencing Advantech’s organic farm experience in Taiwan, an employee farm project has also been established at the Kunshan Campus, enabling more Advantech employees to enjoy the pleasures of farming. In every year, Advantech invested RMB 10,000 to support the farm and more than 300 families join the program in Kunshan.