With the sustainable development operating concept, we and supply chain partners have built stable cooperating relationships. Except quality considerations, we also hope through building sustainable supply chain, we and the partners live up to our corporate social responsibilities and contribute to environmental protection together.

Green Supply Chains

Advantech has gone all out in supply chain management in order to guarantee all products are green and conform to environmental safety and sanitation regulations. Following government environmental protection and labor safety and sanitation regulations concerning pollution control and disaster prevention, we adopted ISO 14001 environment management systems in 1996, and OHSAS 18001 employee safety and sanitation management systems in 2005.

We call on all Advantech suppliers to respond to environmental improvement and labor safety maintenance, and follow the 3R (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) principles in design, production, services and all other kinds of operating activities to reduce and prevent pollution and to conform to environmental protection regulations. We also include "environmental management" in our "supplier/ vendor assessment" criteria. For current manufacturer partners, we'll consider their contribution to environmental protection during the cooperation, and actively assist suppliers to commit to environmental protection and labor safety requirements.

Supplier on-site audit

Advantech will appraise: supplier environment safety and sanitation management, customer service, product schedule management, procurement, asset management, design management, file management and quality records, material supplier management, product identification and tractability, test and measurement, instrument measurement and other affairs through a supplier quality system audit. The results will be used as an important consideration for future cooperation to ensure all incoming materials into Advantech conform to environment safety and sanitation regulations and environmental protection requirements.