Global climate change is a much concerned topic to us all. As a global citizen, Advantech is devoted to reducing greenhouse gas emission and reduce energy use, and pays attention to climate disaster risk management, and never stops the cause of energy conservation and carbon reduction.

Risk Management Committee/Climate Regulation Risk Management/Climate Disaster Risk Management

Advantech protects corporate assets and important stakeholders' interests, follows corporate governance principles, and uses effective risk management processes to reduce and eliminate potential risks and provide proper remedy measures and rapid recovery mechanisms.

Advantech formed a Risk Management Committee from their most senior management teams. Based on the five main risk causes of natural disasters, laws and regulations, improper conduct of employees, market environmental changes, and external resources outside their business scope, the committee will assess and track risk management and processes generated from finance, operations, technology, and human resources. Effective monitoring is performed on these five main fields every half year to ensure the reductions of operating risk. Important geographical environmental changes and natural disasters are also included, due to their possible influence or threat to Advantech's sustainable operations.

For natural disaster risk management, we'll review climate regulations, climate disasters and other climate relative subjects, and take effective measures to reduce and eliminate the risks.

Climate regulation review includes hazardous substance restriction directives, air pollution prevention, energy efficiency improvement plan, ecological design, as well as product hazardous substance and recovery and disposal symbol regulation among others. Climate disaster review includes earthquake, hurricane, nuclear radiation and lethal infectious disease status among others. Other climate related subject reviews include corporation reputation, consumer behavior, and social unrest among others.

Greenhouse Gas Examination and Emission Reduction

To create low carbon emission operating environment, based on the related greenhouse gas examination quantization, supervision, report and investigation systems provided by Taiwan greenhouse gas reduction laws and ISO 14064-1 standards, Advantech set up their "Greenhouse Gas Examination Executive Committee" to facilitate greenhouse gas examination and reduction, gradually reducing direct or indirect emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O and HFCs. Advantech also joins the international organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) from 2011, discloses the reduction plan and performance for carbon once a year.

Environment Safety, Sanitation Committee and Energy Conservation Measures

To become an excellent green corporation, Advantech carries out a series of "Save Energy, Reduce Carbon, Love the Earth" activities, in order to strengthen all employees' energy conservation awareness. Meanwhile, we have also set up an Environment Safety and Sanitation Committee to advocate energy conservation and improve energy use efficiency. Energy cost reduction has been listed as the key annual auditing project for Advantech.