In response to the movement toward conservation and green energy, carbon reduction, environmental protection, and love for the earth, we actively encourage employees to get close to nature in their spare time, with the hope that they will develop a greater personal enjoyment of, and appreciation for, the wonders of and value of our natural treasures.

We have held our LOHAS Family Day for many years, and it is a good testimonial to our close-to-nature, sustainable, ecological practices. From Guandu Nature Park to Dajia Riverside Park, or Taiwan National Chenchi University's back mountain area, Elephant Mountain and other ecological footpaths, all have footprints left by Advantech family travels. Luxuriant plants and trees, together with the sweet chirps of bird songs, bright sunshine and drizzling rain, all form the best kind of ecological education material.

In 2007, Advantech Welfare Committee specially planned a "Holiday Ecological Experience" for employees and their families. The selected destination was YangMingShan National Park close to Taipei. Lead by Close-to-Nature Studio, the employees investigated the flora and fauna and geological landscape features in this natural park and visited the local sculpture studio to complete a special ecological and cultural journey.

In addition, the Advantech Mountaineering Club holds all kinds of ecological sorties. The club has led members to visit the historical natural gravel coastline and the last 6.9 km long Alangyi Old Road in Taiwan, where they recalled the old life, considered cultural evolution, and reflected on the ecological disruption brought by civilization.

Since 2008, we have held a series of "Understanding the Beauty of Taiwan" ecological travels and public benefit activities. Destinations have included YangMingShan, Qigu, Tailuge, Jilongyu, Hehuanshan, Wuling, and Xueba, among others. This not only deepens employees’ and their families' understanding of myriad species, geologies and cultural heritages of Taiwan, but also allows them to tidy up the mountains and practice environmental protection and earth sustainability activities.

"Love the Earth" ecological education must be started from childhood, then small love gradually grows into big love. Part of "Understanding the Beauty of Taiwan" includes inviting disadvantaged groups to participate in ecological travel. This allows those in orphanages and shelters to experience the happy, educational, ecological and mountain-cleaning tours. It builds altruism, love for people, and for the earth in their hearts. We hope that these virtuous feelings and behaviors will continue, much like the beauties of nature that helped inspire them.