We focus on providing green design and manufacturing, passing environmental protection certificates for our production processes, as well as reducing the use of hazardous substances, carrying out greenhouse gas examinations, and air, water, noise and waste pollution prevention.

Environmental Certificate for Manufacturing Process

Advantech has several independent key core technologies in the industrial computer automation field, and provides complete industrial computer automation solutions, including research and development, production and manufacturing, sales and other comprehensive services. Our independently developed and manufactured products are widely used across the world in medicine, finance, transportation, hospitality and home applications. Advantech continues to manage and improve all management of quality, environment, labor safety and sanitation, and hazardous substances, passing ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and SONY GP international standard certificates for manufacturing process. Based on this, the company has also set up environmental safety and sanitation management systems in all groups and departments, and involves all employees to create products and services that satisfy our customers.

Minimizing Hazardous Chemical Substances

We carefully assess all chemical substances contained in the components of our products and phase out hazardous or potentially hazardous substances during the design process. We have used the following strategies to reduce hazardous substances during the design and manufacturing process in the past.

  • Examine hazardous chemical substances for all components in the design process.
  • Examine and manage the storage of potentially hazardous chemical substances for all manufacturing processes.
  • Adopt health and safety protection measures and necessary training for employees who use hazardous chemical substances.
  • Adopt leakage control and cleanup procedures and necessary training for factories using hazardous chemical substances.
  • Adopt hazardous substance control procedures to guarantee that end products in the hands of customers contain little or zero toxicity.
Greenhouse Gas Examination Report

Advantech set up a "Greenhouse Gas Examination Executive Committee" to facilitate gas examination and reduction, gradually reducing direct or indirect emissions of CO2, CH4, N2O and HFCs. It's task is to create a low carbon emission operating environment, based on the related greenhouse gas quantization, supervision, report and investigation systems provided by Taiwan greenhouse gas reduction laws and ISO 14064-1 standards. Advantech also joins the international organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) from 2011, discloses the reduction plan and performance for carbon once a year.

Air/Water/Noise/Waste Pollution Prevention

To put into practice our green corporate promise, Advantech follows all environmental protection laws and regulations in Taiwan for their production and manufacturing processes, including air pollution prevention, water pollution prevention, noise pollution control, waste clearance, environmental pollution examination as well as ground and underground water pollution prevention.

Green Design/Packaging

To put green production into practice, Advantech is actively engaged in green design and packaging of products and considers the 3Rs (Reusing, Recycling, Reducing), waste and pollution reduction, and prevention as guiding principles. Hazardous substances are prohibited in the manufacturing process, and energy saving is incorporated in the design phase, e.g. developing automatic power off and automatic low power modes, and using highly efficient power supplies and low power consumption components. We seek the simplest packaging for products and directly print the recovery symbols onto them to comply with a green design and packaging policy.