Since 2008 Advantech Foundation has promoted social welfare proposals. It collects all the strengths of the Advantech company and its employees, and calls for the public to work together, making valuable resources and willing hands available to those in need, when they need them. In the ensuing years, social welfare proposals from widely divergent social groups passed strict scrutiny and were openly selected in order to put our limited resources to the best uses. Groups enjoying in-depth cooperation with Advantech in recent years include The Taiwan Liver Research Foundation, Taipei Chinese Orchestra, and Taipei Yang-Chun Watercolor Art Club, among others. We continuously promote the concept of the social welfare platform to collect proposals and make full use of the resources at our disposal.

Despite Advantech employees’ strong showing of love and support for Taiwan society, relying on corporate strengths to help those in need is not enough. Therefore, at the end of 2010, the Advantech Foundation participated in the “Your Vote Determines the Power of Love” social welfare proposal program developed by the Taishin Charity Foundation, and then successfully established the Advantech Public Service Award. Each year, ten awards valued at NT$150,000 each are distributed. We hope that our efforts enable cultural education groups to complete their projects and provide meaningful contributions to society. Proposals for education projects are put to a public vote, and the most socially meaningful proposals are selected for implementation. We aim to harness social power and use people’s passions to initiate a change, while also encouraging people to understand and interact with disadvantaged social groups, help those in need, and ensure the fair distribution and use of resources.