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Advantech, Actility and AWS Co-Create Predictive Maintenance Solution


Advantech (2395 TW), a global leader in Industrial IoT technology, launches its new WISE-2410X explosion proof LoRaWAN® smart vibration sensor and has partnered with Actility and AWS to develop an off-the-shelf pre-integrated predictive maintenance solution, assisting oil refining companies with asset and risk management.

Certified turnkey solution withstands hazardous environments

Advantech’s WISE-2410X explosion proof LoRaWAN® smart vibration sensor is an IP65-rated vibration and temperature integrated sensor with ATEX2 and IECEx certification for installation in hazardous and explosive environments. It can be mounted on all rotating equipment (e.g., pumps, motors, and compressors) in refineries. It provides accurate status of operations by cross-comparison of RMS speeds and eigenvalues against ISO 10816-3 standards and vibration characteristic values. By utilizing LoRaWAN, this turnkey predictive maintenance solution provides long-range (up to 15 km) bidirectional communication between sensors and gateways, meaning fewer devices need to be installed in the field.

Dedicated LoRaWAN® network for reliable connectivity between sensors and gateways

A leading crude oil refining company in Asia approached Actility to assist with its digital transformation. The refinery needed a solution to overcome the growing management issues and operational challenges of inspections. They integrated Advantech’s WISE-2410X into Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise IoT platform, which allowed predictive maintenance and more efficient management.

Actility’s enterprise-grade network server is a leading LoRaWAN private networking solution, managing over 35,000 commercial gateways worldwide. It enabled the deployment of a dedicated and fully controlled LoRaWAN network across the refinery. All network components, including sensors, gateways, and routers, can be managed from a unique and easy-to-use user interface. ThingPark Enterprise also offers connection options with Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Cloud Platform for AI analysis of equipment used for predictive maintenance.

"In the process of developing our predictive maintenance solution, Actility, AWS, and Advantech complemented each other’s strengths by bringing out the fullest potential of our industry know-how. The co-creation process was very fast and smooth,” Alban Medici, the MD of Actility Singapore, commented. The proposed solution improved productivity, reduced labor requirements, and increased profits. In real time, the refinery is now able to remotely monitor all rotating equipment, record utilization data better, and conduct centralized management from anywhere via the AWS IoT dashboards.

WISE-2410X is highly suited for applications in the oil and gas industry and is available now from Advantech certified distributors, channels, E-commerce partners and Advantech’s website from March, 2022. Visit the link below to find out more.