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How to Keep a Construction Project Secure and on the Fast Track


The Challenge

Theft and vandalism are problems on construction sites all over the world. At unsecured sites, people don’t only walk away with building materials; they’ll even siphon fuel out of construction machinery after it has been parked for the night. Installing security equipment, such as IP cameras, can cut losses dramatically. 

But construction sites don’t always have access to wired Internet infrastructure. It needs a mobile, wireless solution that can support real-time security applications. A site usually requires a solution with wide temperature range, remote management capability, secure VPN tunneling and the ability to provide Internet access virtually anywhere.

The Solution

The construction vehicle gas caps, as an example, can be equipped with RFID motion sensors, which automatically send out an alert if a movement in the sensor exceeds specified parameters. The RFID sensors report to an RFID reader that is connected to a B+B SmartWorx cellular router, which provides cellular Internet connections for both local area networks and individual devices. With multiple built-in hardware interfaces, the cellular routers are able to aggregate disparate protocols and technologies that include Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS232/422/485, and even Modbus.

The remote video cameras are connected to the B+B SmartWorx cellular router, too. When alerts are received, they are accompanied by a live video feed, and appropriate action can be taken.