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Arm-Based Computing Platforms

Advantech provides a series of Arm-based computing platforms with latest embedded software services to accelerate Arm-based platform development.

Advantech AIM-Linux Embedded Software Services

AIM-Linux Developer Center

An one-stop resource and documentation hub for Arm- and Linux-based developers to simplify development and deployment with longevity.

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AIM-Linux Community

An online platform for Arm- and Linux-based developers to connect with each other - and with Advantech - to share knowledge, solve problems and extend your capabilities with Advantech Arm-based products.

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Product Categories

  • Computer-on-Module

    Arm-based Computer-on-Module with OSM, SMARC, Qseven, rugged RTX, and COM Express Type 7 as well as embedded board design services.

    • Open Standard Module (OSM)

      Advantech's OSM, the SGeT standard for PCB soldering design with NXP platforms, boasts an ultra-low power, miniaturized design for AIoT endpoints.
    • RTX

      RTX is Advantech’s standard ruggedized Computers-on-Module. It features 4 x B2B connectors, 2.0 mm PCB thickness, and wide temp/voltage range.
    • QSeven

      Qseven with 230-pin MXM golden finger design facilitates high-speed I/O connection in handheld devices, HMI, and signage applications.
    • SMARC

      Advantech’s SMARC with NXP and Rockchip platforms use 314-pin MXM connectors to deliver high-performance & low-power features to the embedded market.
    • COM Express Type 7

      COM Express Type 7 with NXP platforms provides super speed I/O, high-bandwidth expansion interfaces, and 10 x GbE interface for data transmission.
  • Single Board Computer

    Advantech Arm-based embedded SBCs offer a range from 2.5" to 3.5" with rich I/ O, low power consumption design, and easy expansion capabilities.

  • Embedded PC

    Powered by NXP, Nividia, Rockchip, and TI silicons, Advantech Arm-based Edge AI Boxes and IoT gateways are designed for the AIoT applications.

    • Edge AI Box

      Arm-based edge AI boxes are powered by NXP, NVIDIA and Rockchip. They provide AI inference capabilities in a low-power fanless design.
    • Edge Gateway

      Arm-based industrial gateways are based on NXP, Qualcomm, Rockchip, and TI, delivering LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi with wide operating temperature range.
  • Development Kit

    Advantech development kits includes a series of carrier boards and starter kits with schematic software & reference design to accelerate evaluation.

    • Carrier Board

      Advantech Development boards provide a schematic software & reference design to reduce efforts needed in development stage. Advantech Development Board can be used to test carrier board problems and support COM series, and Qseven, ETX / XTX form factors.
    • Evaluation Kit

      Advantech ARM-based starter kit packages are including a main board, cables, power adapter, LED panel and an SD card. We've also built-in a Linux OS image for your quickly evaluation.

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