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Advantech Appeals for Turkiye Earthquake Matching Donation to Assist in Post-Earthquake Reconstruction


Advantech (TWSE: 2395), a global leader in Industrial IoT, launched four donation initiatives for disaster relief in Turkiye today (16th) in order to assist in Turkiye's post-earthquake reconstruction.

One of Advantech's core values is community enrichment. Advantech is also dedicated to employee care and well-being around the world. Although Advantech Turkiye’s employees and business were not affected by the earthquake, it still launched four matching donation initiatives in order to speed up the reconstruction, hoping that the affected locations can return to normal life as soon as possible. The four matching donation initiatives for Turkiye are:

  • Advantech Headquarters joins hands with Advantech Foundation to initiate a donation matching campaign: from now until March 2, 2023, a two-week donation campaign will begin. With an employee-to-company (1 to 2) matching donation model, Advantech Foundation will double the employee donation amount.
  • Advantech worldwide subsidiaries matching donation initiatives: in addition to Advantech HQ’s donation campaign, Advantech subsidiaries around the world are encouraged to provide various donation plans to participate in the disaster relief effort.
  • Launch Advantech Turkiye's employee donation and Advantech’s matching donation initiative.
  • Provide subsidy to Advantech colleagues affected by the earthquake: Advantech will provide substantive support by providing consolation money to employees whose home towns and properties were affected by the earthquake.

All donations to Advantech’s disaster relief fund for Turkiye's post-earthquake reconstruction will be given to global or Turkish non-profit organizations to ensure that the funds are used for immediate and actual needs in impacted areas for short-, medium-, and long-term emergency relief and post-disaster recovery efforts. Advantech has always regarded altruism as the core of its business operations and its support for global community care focuses on direct and immediate participation. Advantech calls on global employees to participate and strengthen ESG practices.