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The World's First AIoT Live Webinar and On-demand Video Platform: Advantech Connect


The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the world towards increased digitalization. This drive by either individuals and/or enterprises seeking commodity information or to purchase products depends entirely on the Internet. Digital marketing and audiovisual content has thus become necessary for companies to promote their brand and reach customers. Accordingly, A-Connect was launched as an audiovisual platform for direct communication with viewers. This project is critical for Advantech to realize its vision of global digital operation.

Creating the largest streaming platform for the AIoT world  

The pandemic shifted many of Advantech’s marketing activities to online platforms. Even Advantech’s World Partner Conference (WPC) was held online, with the company’s Embedded IoT, Industrial IoT, and Service IoT business groups investing considerable resources into producing audiovisual content on the latest AIoT industry technology trends and Advantech’s latest solutions.  Sindy Lin, Marketing Director of Advantech’s Industrial-IoT Group, pointed out that the Advantech Taiwan Headquarters’ response to the rapid growth in online marketing activities led to the creation of a special live broadcast room and multiple studios. Using these, employees, Eco-system partners, and industry experts collaborate to produce audiovisual content on topics including but not limited to IoT, AI, 5G, cloud computing, and edge intelligence.   Advantech decided to build A-Connect for enterprises interested in AIoT topics and seeking a growing library of audiovisual content. According to Ms. Lin, Advantech expects A-Connect to become the largest streaming platform for AIoT. The platform will integrate IoT eco-system chain partners to quickly accumulate AIoT audiovisual content. For customers and industry professionals alike, A-Connect will provide an extensive audiovisual center AIoT-related knowledge, thus strengthening Advantech’s role in enabling an intelligent planet. Advantech Connect can also benefit sales and marketing efforts. This new video platform provides Advantech sales an innovative way to engage with customers. It can smoothen communication between sales and customers while helping accelerate the conversion of business opportunities.

Hassle-free benefits for customers, marketing, and sales reps

Since the A-Connect platform was launched for testing in March 2022, it has been constantly optimized and had functions added based on user feedback. As of September 2022, it had more than 7,000 visits, demonstrating the strong appeal of its audiovisual content. 

Franny Yeh, Project Assistant Manager of Embedded-IoT Group at Advantech, described the platform as “hassle-free” when asked to summarize her observations after the platform was launched. 

For sales reps, it means they no longer need to visit YouTube or write to colleagues to find relevant marketing videos. Sales personnel can quickly find videos on the platform and share them with customers via social media, thus reducing the time needed to find relevant content. Additionally, the A-Connect Business Performance Dashboard tracks the number of videos shared by sales reps and performance data of the sales reps’ live broadcasts. 

Marketing personnel can use the A-Connect Video Performance Dashboard to track measures including the number of views and total viewing time, giving them a means to adjust their video production planning to improve the quality of the video content and make it more eye-catching. The Membership Dashboard also enables them to effectively track the customer journey and drive conversions. 

For customers, the platform has AI and a video quick filter function for recommending videos based on their subscription topics or favorite content, thus helping them find the videos they want to watch quickly. Free technical consultations and new product experience opportunities are also available to provide more in-depth services for customers. Notably, A-Connect’s audiovisual content is also connected with the Advantech IoTMart e-commerce platform to enhance customers’ online shopping experience. 

Looking forward to 2023, A-Connect is rapidly moving toward a membership growth goal, with the number of members estimated to increase by 200%. Utilizing a membership system and AI recommendation technology, Advantech will create greater customer value and complete their omnichannel marketing objectives. Over the next three years until 2025, Advantech will continue working with partners in the global IoT industry to produce high-quality content, making A-Connect the world’s most influential digital AIoT live webinar and on-demand video platform.