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Unveils Ultra-Slim Batteryless ePaper Solution for Smart Logistics and Factories

Unveils Ultra-Slim Batteryless ePaper Solution for Smart Logistics and Factories

June 18, 2024 — Advantech, a leading industrial solutions provider, proudly announces the release of the EPD-302/303/304, an NFC batteryless ePaper solution designed for logistics, warehouse, and smart factory applications.

Innovative NFC ePaper Technology for Efficient Image Updates

The EPD-302/303/304 utilizes near field communication (NFC) technology, enabling image updates without any power source. This allows the display to be updated wirelessly and efficiently by an NFC reader or mobile phone, making it an ideal solution for dynamic and flexible information management in industrial settings.

High Reliability and Durability

The EPD-302/303/304 comes in three color options: black/white or black/white/red or black/white/red/yellow. Both the black and white and black, white, red, and yellow display can operate normally in temperatures ranging from 0 to 50°C, while the three-color display functions in temperatures from 0 to 40°C. With an IP68 rating and successful free-fall testing, this ePaper ensures durability and mobility. The black and white panel updates in just 3 seconds, while the three-color panel and four-color panel takes 13 seconds, ensuring prompt and reliable performance in various industrial environments.

Easy Deployment with DLL Sample Code and Free Android/iOS App

Advantech provides ready-to-use sample code to assist customers with system integration, including the basic functionality of uploading data to the ePaper display. Additionally, a customized NFC agent tool is available based on specific requirements. The EPD-302/303/304 supports over-the-air (OTA) firmware upgrades, significantly reducing the need for manual software updates. Users can also refresh the ePaper using a mobile phone, with Advantech providing a free Android/iOS app for designing templates and displaying them on the ePaper, deployable from anywhere.

Intuitive LED Indicators and Versatile Mounting Options

The EPD-302/303/304 features an LED indicator with three colors:

  • Red: Indicates improper detection distance for a failed refresh.
  • Green: Indicates the completion of image transmission.
  • Blue: Indicates the completion of an OTA firmware upgrade.

Advantech offers several mounting methods for the EPD-302/303/304, including hanging and screw locking, ensuring secure installation in both vertical and horizontal orientations. This user-friendly design caters to a wide range of application scenarios, including factories, warehouses, and logistics centers.


Highlighted Features:

  • 3.7" ePaper panel display l   Passive NFC-powered ePaper (no battery needed)
  • Fast transmission with 3-color interactive LED screen
  • Operating Temperature Range:0-50°C (B/W),0-40°C (B/W/R),0-50°C (B/W/R/Y)
  • Enables smartphone refresh using the Advantech NFC App or NFC Reader
  • Prepared NFC DLL sample code and agent with OTA
  • ISO/IEC 15693 type (ePaper image / user data read and write)

Reliable in Extreme Environments: 

  • Operating Temperature: black/white:0-50°C, black/white/red:0-40°C, black/white/red/yellow:0-50°C
  • IP68-rated enclosures for dust and water protection
  • Fastener badge and rear compartment for optional accessories