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Advantech ITA-460 Provides Intelligent Onboard Solutions for Construction Machinery



In recent years, the traditional manufacturing industry has been undergoing a gradual shift towards intelligent  upgrades, thanks tothe maturation of new technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), 5G intelligent  communication, and the industrial Internet of Things(IoT). The Chinese construction machinery industry is no  exception, as it has experienced a wave of transformation from traditional to intelligent modes. By harnessing  the power of next-generation digital technologies such as 5G, big data, and the industrial Internet, software and  hardware components can be upgraded concurrently, leading to advanced connectivity and interconnectivity.

Pain Points  of the Traditional Construction Machinery Industry

Considering the pressing need to address these issues, the construction machinery sector is on the verge of a  digital transformation. Platform digitization and equipment intelligence have been identified as two critical areas  for significant breakthroughs.  Advantech's Intelligent Equipment Empowers Smart Heavy Industries: Advantech, a renowned global leader in  the industrial IoT industry, has established a significant presence in the construction machinery sector. Through  collaborations with leading domestic construction machinery enterprises, Advantech has made significant  contributions to the Smart Concrete Pump Truck project. The project leverages Advantech's self-developed and  manufactured ITA-460 intelligent onboard AI unit, which serves as the vehicle's intelligent computing platform.  Equipped with exceptional computing capabilities, the ITA-460 enables intelligent and precise operations for the  pump truck, thereby enhancing construction efficiency and safety.

Project Requirements

A pump truck, specifically a concrete pump truck, is a  mechanical apparatus designed to transport concrete  continuously using pressure through pipelines over  specified distances and heights. Smart pump trucks differ  from traditional vehicles in that many hazardous  operations can be triggered automatically without human  intervention. Consequently, smart pump trucks necessitate  robust computing capabilities to analyze large amounts of  video and image data for decision-making. Moreover,  considering the challenging operating environments in  Project Requirements ! which they function, intelligent equipment deployed in pump trucks must demonstrate resilience against  vibrations, water, dust, high temperatures, salt spray, and possess advanced power management capabilities.

Project Implementation

To fulfill the aforementioned requirements, Advantech offers the ITA-460 intelligent onboard AI product  for this project. In order to comply with the customers’ rigorous environmental testing and EMC  standards, Advantech leverages its years of experience in industrial power module design to customize  power modules that meet commercial vehicle safety regulations. These modules meet the vehicle power  regulations of 9-36V and provide exceptional performance in radiation and interference protection.  

The ITA-460 features an Intel® Core™ i3-8100T processor, 8GB onboard memory, Advantech's wide-temperature 256GB SSD (-40 – 85 °C), 1  CANbus, standard onboard interfaces, and rigorous  automotive certifications. Furthermore, the ITA-460 has  an IP65 rating, ensuring high resistance to dust,  shocks, and vibrations. Advantech's self-developed  onboard ignition feature enables autonomous delayed  shutdown and critical data preservation in the event of  unexpected vehicle shutdown. It also supports ignition  system integration for ignition-based startup.

The ITA-460 is designed with car aviation connectors and expansion capabilities for wireless network  cards, ensuring stability and flexibility.

 It supports optimization and testing of video analysis and  wireless transmission capabilities. With 3 Mini PCIe slots and 1 SIM slot, the device enables efficient  real-time transmission for 5G communication and expansion of critical control I/O interfaces.

System Description

Leveraging the powerful computing capabilities of the onboard AI unit ITA-460, the system utilizes images  captured by cameras on the working surface to perform three-dimensional modeling and analysis, calculating the  specified working path. This allows for the real-time reconstruction of the pump truck's working surface and  equipment status. The ITA-460 onboard platform analyzes various parameters such as boom extension, height,  displacement, and direction of the vehicle's boom and pumping unit. To control the automated construction of the  mechanical boom and support legs, the ITA-460 connects to the onboard controller via the CANbus. The system  can automatically adjust position and operating direction, achieving minimal errors. This reduces the need for  manual operations, freeing personnel from harsh working environments. As a result, on-site construction becomes  more convenient and safer. Furthermore, the ITA-460 has the capability to conduct fault diagnosis and predict  health trends for key components of the pump truck. By analyzing real-time operational data, the system can  accurately predict component faults with an impressive accuracy of 85%. Additionally, through visual AI  technology analysis, the system can detect the relative positions of humans and machines. When personnel enter  hazardous areas by mistake, the intelligent pump truck will immediately sound an alarm to ensure the safety of  individuals and prevent accidents from happening. 

In the current wave of digital transformation within traditional manufacturing enterprises, the adoption of advanced  technologies such as AI, 5G, computer vision, and sensors has become crucial for enhancing operational  efficiency and reducing labor costs in the construction machinery industry. Advantech plays a significant role in  assisting construction machinery enterprises in achieving intelligent and digitalized tunneling machines. These  advancements embody the principles of high safety, high technology, and sustainable development in heavy  machinery. 

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