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The ePaper Revolution: Transforming Service Information Delivery

Transforming Service Information Delivery

Innovative ePaper Wonders

In a world where change is the only constant, the shift from traditional paper to ePaper marks a  revolution in how we deliver information. With the introduction of Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™)  and images at 2-16 gray levels, ePaper offers a fresh visual experience. From factory floors to  hospital corridors to the bustling aisles of retail, ePaper's vibrant visuals are setting a new standard in  communication. Large digital signage ePaper is becoming increasingly common in smart  transportation, visible on roadsides and bus stops.

ePaper's Utility Spans a Wide Array of Applications

According to current ePaper market trends, the technology is evolving to become more sustainable,  requiring less processing time and consuming less power. Additionally, ePaper's operating  temperature range has widened to accommodate a diverse range of applications. Colorful ePaper  displays are now commonly used in public digital signage, including travel information boards at  airports, restaurant advertisements, bus stops, road signs, and more. With advancements in ePaper  technology, Advantech is strategically planning products to add value for ESG initiatives.

Mastering Device Management

Gone are the days of tech headaches and tangled wires. With Advantech's intuitive Device  Management System and Image Generator, setup becomes a breeze. Our arsenal includes  monitoring software and a slick software agent DLL, ensuring seamless image uploads to  ePaper devices. Say goodbye to complexity and hello to efficiency!

Designs for All Spaces

From cozy kiosks to sprawling billboards to public transportation signage, the EPM-880's  open-frame design is the ultimate chameleon, seamlessly blending into any retail  environment. Its feather-light frame and sleek borders make installation a snap, offering  retailers the freedom to reimagine their spaces with ease. With the EPM-880, versatility is the  name of the game!

System Architecture 

System Architecture

Product Specifications

• Supports a wide operating temperature  range from -15 to 65°C (1-bit color) 

• Supports ultra-wide viewing angles 

• Ultra-low power consumption

The Advantech EPM-880 is available for order. Please contact an Advantech sales office or visit our website ( for more information.