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Advantech Releases SKY-MXM-2000A Powered by High-Performance NVIDIA Ada-Lovelace Architecture


Taipei, Taiwan, 3/11/2024 – Advantech (2395 TW), Advantech, a leading provider of industrial edge computing platforms, provides a new series of solutions for embedded computing powered by the latest NVIDIA GPUs. The SKY MXM 2000A module incorporates an NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada Generation Embedded GPU, built on the NVIDIA Ada Lovelace architecture. 

Built on the High Performance NVIDIA® Ada-Lovelace Architecture

The latest NVIDIA RTX 2000 Ada Generation GPU brings cutting-edge AI, graphics, and compute technology to compact workstations, essential for AI-augmented professional workflows, with a performance boost of up to the previous generation. Its key features include real-time ray tracing, accelerated AI, advanced graphics, and high-performance computing capabilities, making it crucial for embedded computing solutions in enterprise deployments. 

 According to Advantech's test report, the AI inference performance of MXM 2000A surpasses that of MXM A2000 by 35%, indicating an increased capability to process image text per second and at a faster rate.

In the realm of 3D graphic rendering, the MXM-2000A excels with a performance exceeding 50% increase compared to its predecessor. This improvement empowers users with unparalleled visual fidelity and rendering speeds, revolutionizing the landscape of graphic-intensive applications.

RT and Tensor Core Support for Graphics and Compute Intense Tasks

The SKY-MXM-2000A features GDDR6 graphics memory with error correction code (ECC) support, ensuring error-free computing. Notably, it houses an NVIDIA RTX™ 2000A embedded GPU, incorporating 24 third-generation RT Cores, 96 fourth-generation Tensor Cores, and up to 3,072 next-generation CUDA® cores. 

 Catering to the escalating demands for processing power, graphics, and intensive-compute tasks in architecture, engineering, construction, and operations (AECO), the SKY-MXM-2000A supports application development across various industries, including manufacturing, medical care, transportation, gaming. For example, In the smart city scenario, these cards facilitate real-time monitoring on on-board vehicle displays or multiple screens, significantly enhancing the efficiency and safety of transportation systems. In the medical industry, the utilization of low power consumption and high-performance computational graphics cards proves indispensable. 

Compact Design with High-end Clock Rates and Low Power Consumption

The clock rates of the SKY-MXM-2000A range from 1,635 MHz (base) to 2,115 MHz (boost), empowering high-performing workstations. Its compact size and ruggedized design, with a small form factor measuring only 82 x 70 mm, enable it to seamlessly fit into constrained spaces while maintaining low power consumption (as to total graphic power 60W). The minimal thermal emissions make it well-suited for intelligent systems, such as those used in surgery, autonomous driving, and driver-assisted applications. Operating within standard temperatures of 0~55 °C, the SKY-MXM-2000A can withstand the challenges of harsh industrial environments, ensuring stability and durability for workstations.

Industrial GPU Solutions with MS-Hybrid Model Support

The SKY-MXM-2000A offers support for two optional modes: discrete and MS-Hybrid. In MS-Hybrid mode, functioning as a pure accelerator card, it concentrates on significant data processing, primarily tailored for notebooks and high-end GPUs. In discrete mode, the card can facilitate a maximum of three DisplayPort signal outputs. Furthermore, Advantech's rigorous revision and engineering change control, coupled with a 5-year product support commitment, provide assurance to end customers.

Key Features

• NVIDIA RTX 2000A with MXM 3.1 TYPE A form factor (82 x 70 mm)

• Up to 3,072 CUDA cores, 24 RT Cores, 96 Tensor Cores (NVIDIA Ada-Lovelace GPU architecture cores) 

• GDDR6 8GB memory, 128-bit, bandwidth 256 GB/s 

• Up to 3x DisplayPort 1.4a digital video outputs

• Long life cycle, supports 5 years’ availability