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EdgeSync 360/ EdgeHub Start Kit FAQ

EdgeSync360/ EdgeHub

1. How to apply EdgeHub Trial?

To participate the EdgeHub trial, please visit EdgeHub product page to redeem the 90-day Trial plan, which includes quota of 5 devices and 100 parameters with full features, and visit EdgeHub portal to activate the trial. Please refer to the redeem flow below:  

2. Where can I subscribe EdgeHub services? 

Please visit EdgeHub product page to redeem device license and parameter license based on your need. 

3. Do I get access to all the features in trial plan?  

Yes, during the trial period, you have full access to all the features and functions. 

4. How many users can I add to my trial tenant?

You can add an unlimited number of users to the trial tenant.

5. Can I extend my trial period? 

Yes, to qualify for an extension, you MUST meet certain criteria, such as having the devices connected to the EdgeHub and demonstrating a certain level of engagement with the service. We will review your user experience and work with you to determine the best course of action.  

6. How to convert the trial to a paid license? 

During the trial period, you can purchase licenses from the EdgeHub product page. The trial license is valid until the trial period ends. After the conclusion of the trial, the quota from trial license will be removed. To continue accessing EdgeHub services and keep the data after the trial ends, please make sure you subscribe and activate sufficient licenses for your tenant.  

7. How long is the data retention time of the trial?  

Data published to EdgeHub during the trial period will be retained for a maximum of 30 days following the conclusion of the trial. 

8. What happens after end of the trial if I do not subscribe a paid license?

After 90 days of trial period, your access to EdgeHub services will expire if you don’t purchase licenses. Data published to EdgeHub during the trial period will be deleted after 30 days following the conclusion of the trial.

9. How am I billed for EdgeHub paid licenses?

You are billed based on your total activated license in the billing period. Subscription fees are charged on the 1st day of each month, except for the initial subscription period

10. Where can I share my feedback about EdgeHub?

We value your opinion and would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please fill out the feedback form to help us improve the product.

11. Who are welcome to join the ecosystem of EdgeHub?

(1) System integrators (2) Solution providers (3) Network service providers (4) Anyone who manages and monitors a large number of connected devices or assets.