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New Partnership between Advantech and Axiom Elevates Comprehensive Manufacturing Technology Solutions

Combined, end-to-end manufacturing solutions will leverage Advantech’s WISE software platform and rugged hardware with Axiom's expertise in smart manufacturing design and implementation

Cincinnati, OH – June 13, 2023Advantech, a leading industrial edge and automation solution provider, is excited to announce its new strategic partnership with Axiom Manufacturing Systems, a digital manufacturing consulting and systems integration firm who specializes in midmarket customers across a range of applications. The new collaboration will support the United States manufacturing market with state-of-the-art technology that combines Advantech’s WISE software platform and hardware with Axiom's expertise in manufacturing systems for comprehensive, end-to-end solutions.

The strategic partnership builds a synergy allowing both Advantech and Axiom to innovate and help develop new possibilities in industrial manufacturing. This synergy will empower businesses to adapt to new challenges, embrace emerging technologies and stay ahead of competitors.

“By merging our WISE technology with Axiom's experience in manufacturing systems, we're taking a giant leap forward in the evolution of the industrial manufacturing sector,” said Anders Nielsen, manager of WISE platform, Advantech. “Our combined strengths will help customers streamline their processes, optimize their operations and ultimately drive innovation across the entire industry."

With the WISE IoT platform, users gain access to ready-to-go applications, domain-focused solutions and complete ecosystems to support overall digital transformation. The WISE IoT platform from Advantech is an open no-code/low code platform that makes factory floor management simple and scalable. With the WISE-Marketplace, users have the ability to build applications for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and quickly deploy software as a service (SaaS) applications in various industries.

"In today's competitive and rapidly evolving market, small and midmarket manufacturers are often at a disadvantage due to lack of internal resources, legacy equipment and infrastructure, overwhelming technology choices and too-good-to-be-true point solutions that don’t scale as a system,” explained Ryan Cahalane, CEO, Axiom Manufacturing Systems. “Companies need every advantage they can to stay ahead. Our partnership with Advantech is the perfect example of how collaboration can be a powerful catalyst for progress, fostering a new era of innovation and growth in manufacturing."

Ken Forster, executive director at MomentaAdvantech’s venture capital partner in North America and Europe—added, "as part of our AIOT ecosystem investments and initiatives, we’re pleased to have brought together Advantech and Axiom Manufacturing. We believe there are strong synergies at the intersection of Advantech’s solutions and Axiom’s manufacturing expertise, and look forward to helping scale these.”

The WISE software platform includes solutions for numerous IoT infrastructure needs, such as the following:

  • Equipment and asset performance management
  • Production reliability and predictive maintenance
  • Energy optimization and sustainability reporting
  • Traceability and genealogy
  • Process and workflow optimization
  • Data visualization, analysis and cross-domain integration
  • Cloud/hybrid deployment support
  • Comprehensive security
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) framework consultation
  • Developer toolkits

Axiom Manufacturing services include the following:

  • Smart manufacturing road mapping, education and mentoring
  • Deep expertise across industries, including specialty chemicals, life sciences/medical devices, automotive/electric vehicles, rubber/tire, food/beverage and more
  • Process mapping, optimization and lean/continuous improvement support
  • KPI (e.g. OEE) extraction and visualization
  • SCADA/MES/IIoT solutions definition and technology selection
  • Industrial data modeling, management and advanced analytics
  • Sustainable production and power/energy optimization
  • Machine connectivity including legacy equipment
  • OT networking and security

For more information on the growing Advantech and Axiom partnership, contact Nielsen at

About Axiom Manufacturing Systems 

Axiom is a digital manufacturing consultancy and solutions provider that helps manufacturers plan, execute and support smart manufacturing initiatives. Axiom offers their services through an easy-to-engage fractional engineering model that is specifically oriented to resource-constrained, midmarket manufacturers who might otherwise not have access to Fortune 50-caliber talent. Learn more about Axiom at