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Advancing Your Industrial IoT Applications with Reliable Networking Communications

With 40 years of solid expertise, Advantech offers reliable wired and wireless industrial communication solutions across various applications. We offer a complete portfolio of Ethernet switches, cellular routers, gateways, wireless access points/clients, and media converters built for demanding operating conditions.

Industrial Communication and Networking:
Featured Products

Advantech’s 5G and 4G/LTE ruggedized cellular routers offer software functions including virtual private network (VPN), remote device management, and value-added customization, empowering seamless IoT connectivity.

Cellular Routers & Gateways

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Advantech's serial-to-Ethernet device servers connect isolated serial devices to the Internet, facilitating centralized machine communication management. The device servers enable machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud data transmission and provide network connectivity.

Ethernet / Serial Device Servers

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Advantech's intelligent I/O gateways, RTUs, and communication gateways come with EdgeLink or Node-RED edge data acquisition solutions. They are specifically designed to simplify remote monitoring and enable efficiency and energy consumption analysis.

Gateways & Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)

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Discover Advantech’s Ethernet switches - L2/L3 managed and unmanaged. Featuring PoE, 10G, network redundancy (X-Ring Pro), and EN50155/IEC 61850 certifications, our switches ensure seamless connectivity and optimized performance for your network.

Industrial Ethernet Switches

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Extend your network up to 80 km with our Ethernet-to-fiber media converters. Versatile power sources, compact size, and a 5-year warranty ensure seamless connectivity. Choose transmission speeds up to 10G for optimal performance in industrial environments.

Industrial Media Converters

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Advantech Modbus and Fieldbus gateways convert legacy protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, BACnet, OPC UA) into modern networking systems that can integrate existing equipment and devices without the need for a complete overhaul.

Industrial Protocol Gateways

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Advantech's Wi-Fi access points and clients offer seamless connectivity with fast roaming. They are built for durability with an IP67 rating and M12 connectors. Enjoy secure connections with WPA/WPA2-Personal and WPA/WPA2-Enterprise security.

Industrial Wireless and Gateways

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Advantech offers a range of products: serial/USB converters, USB hubs, isolators, repeaters, surge suppressors, data taps/splitters, and industrial communication cards. These rugged products convert or extend communication in challenging conditions.

Serial / USB Communications

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Advantech's wireless I/O and sensors enable solutions for diverse scenarios. Select from Wi-Fi, LPWAN, LoRaWAN, or NB-IoT/LTE-M to meet your needs. The modular design of our I/O simplifies data acquisition and enables real-time remote monitoring.

Wireless I/O and Sensors

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Industrial Communication

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The Edge as a Service for Device and Data Orchestration

EdgeSync 360 is Advantech’s Edge as a Service, featuring a comprehensive suite of software products tailored to revolutionize device and data management across various industrial applications. At its core, EdgeSync 360 is powered by a robust set of software and centralized services, including EdgeLink, DeviceOn, WebAccess, and EdgeHub.

Edge-to-Cloud Connectivity

Data Visualization & Analysis

Advanced IoT Security

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IoT Gateway Software for Connectivity


SCADA for Real-Time Operation


AI Orchestration in Private and Public Cloud


IoT Device & Data Management Service

Industrial Communication and Networking:
Featured Solutions

Building Robust IoT Connectivity for Factory Automation, Equipment Manufacturing, Energy and Environment, and Transportation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a matrix of networks connecting equipment and devices. Collected data via sensors can be integrated into a platform as a service (PaaS) business model to create new business opportunities. Advantech’s industrial communication solutions are well-suited to the needs of various featured applications.

Network Communication Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems


IP Surveillance Networks Solutions

IoT-Ready Battery Energy Management Systems


IoT Edge Connectivity Solutions


Advantech Wireless Solutions

Industrial Remote Facility Management Solutions

Railway Safety Management Solutions

Food and Beverage Automation Solutions with AI

SCADA Systems

Network Communication Solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Edge (AI) computing devices have revolutionized the way intelligent transportation systems operate. With the ability to process large amounts of data in real time, they optimize traffic flows and improve safety. To make intelligent transportation systems possible however, it is essential to have a network backbone that is flexible, reliable, and scalable. Advantech industrial communication solutions provide a full range of Ethernet switches and media converters to complete the edge access core and last mile client deployment.


Industrial Communication and Networking:
Featured Technologies

Harnessing the Latest Technologies to Enable an Intelligent Planet

As more data acquisition devices are deployed, the demand for network transmission capacity continues to increase. Advantech addresses this need by integrating advanced technologies, such as time sensitive networking (TSN), 5G, OPC UA, and Wi-Fi 6, with existing Modbus, Fieldbus, and Ethernet capabilities to provide a seamless communication environment for a diverse range of industries.

In the 5G era, leveraging different cellular technologies is crucial for businesses. Discover how Advantech can guide your transition into the 5G era.

LoRaWAN connects end nodes to the Internet with long-range coverage, indoors and outdoors, making it ideal for IoT with efficient, cost-effective, and secure communication.


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OPC UA is a comprehensive service-oriented architecture for seamless data transport from control devices to enterprise systems. Explore the OPC UA guide and Advantech's IT/OT convergent solutions.


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PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology that transmits electric power and data over a single Ethernet cable to powered devices. With PoE enabled, only a network connection is required. Click to learn more about Advantech PoE smart wiring solutions.

Merging operation technology (OT) and information technology (IT) brings about the challenge of synchronizing these two systems. Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) is the key to ensuring data is prioritized and synchronized accurately.

Wi-Fi revolutionizes industrial automation, enabling wireless communication between devices, machinery, and control systems. This connectivity allows real-time data collection, providing insights to optimize operations and efficiency.


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