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Advantech's Ethernet Server Adapters Optimized for Server Applications

Advantech's Ethernet Server Adapters Optimized for Server Applications

Advantech's Ethernet Server Adapters Optimized for Server Applications

To enhance cloud services and server applications, Advantech has accelerated the deployment of network interface cards (NICs) to ensure sufficient bandwidth for reliable communication and line rate traffic. Recently, Advantech introduced LR-LINK Gigabit Ethernet server adapters tailored for servers, server workstations, and server cluster applications. These adapters include PCIe x4 quad-port 1GbE copper, PCIe x4 quad-port 1GbE SFP, and PCIe x8 dual-port 10GbE SFP+ network adapters.

Ensuring Reliability with Automatic Port Rerouting

The 96NIC-1G4PR-LR is a PCIe x4 quad-port 1GbE server adapter featuring the Intel I350 chipset, compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 slots. Primarily designed for servers, server clusters, and various network applications, this adapter offers fault tolerance and redundancy by aggregating multiple ports into a group. This configuration expands network bandwidth, ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, it can automatically detect and reroute communications from faulty ports to other members of the group, maintaining uninterrupted high-performance communication.

Breaking the I/O Barrier with Advanced Networking

The 96NIC-1G4PS-LR, equipped with the Intel I350 chipset, is a PCIe x4 1Gbps dual-port SFP Server Fiber Ethernet adapter. It is compatible with PCIe x8 and x16 slots, catering primarily to server workstations. Engineered to enhance performance, it addresses system I/O bottlenecks common in high-end network setups. Through port grouping, it boosts network bandwidth, ensuring steady performance. Moreover, its real-time detection capability enables seamless communication by rerouting traffic from faulty ports to functional ones automatically.

Enhancing Server Capabilities with Linux-Microsoft Integration

The 96NIC-10G2PS-LR utilizes the Intel X710 Ethernet MAC+PHY dual port controller, delivering high-performance in multiprocessor systems. It caters to various demands such as network traffic management, data offloading, processing, virtualization, and big data computing across both current and future server markets. When paired with Microsoft's Receive Side Extension or Extensible I/O in Linux, this card efficiently distributes network loads among multiple CPUs, ensuring optimal performance.

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