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All-in-One Touch Computers & Kiosks

Advantech offers a variety of all-in-one computers and touchscreen kiosks aimed at retail, hospitality, public spaces, and self-service applications.

Product Categories

  • UTC-100 Series

    UTC-100 series all-in-one computers (with 15.6 ~ 23.8-inch display) are slim and lightweight for easy deployment in diverse service environments.

  • UTC-200 Series

    UTC-200 series open-frame computers (with 7 ~ 42.5-inch touch display) provide single-piece solutions for rapid integration with existing equipment.

  • UTC-300 Series

    UTC-300 series all-in-one computers (with 7 ~ 21.5-inch touch display) support panel, pole, wall, desktop mounting to ensure flexible installation.

  • UTC-500 Series

    UTC-500 series all-in-one touch computers (with 10.1 ~ 42.5-inch display) are built to withstand rough handling in harsh industrial environments.

  • Rugged UTC-500 Series

    The Rugged UTC-500 series all-in-one computers are IP66/69K rated and feature a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel enclosure with waterproof I/O.

  • UTK-3000 Series

    The UTK-3000 series are compact, self-service kiosks designed for easy installation and rapid customization according to specific usage requirements.

  • UTK-600/6000 Series

    The UTK-600/6000 series are multi-purpose self-service kiosks that can be flexibly configured for a wide range of self-service applications.

  • UTK-7000 Series

    The UTK-7000 series self-service kiosks feature a modular design that allows mix-n-match configuration and flexible expansion for rapid deployment.

  • UTK-9000 Series

    The UTK-9000 series self-service kiosks are built for outdoor installation/industrial environments and can withstand rough handling and frequent use.

  • UTC Series Installation Accessories

    UTC installation accessories include wall mounts and table/floor stands with tilt/swivel options for flexible installation based on usage scenario.

  • UTC Series Peripherals

    UTC systems can be equipped with optional peripherals, such as a camera, barcode scanner, NFC/RFID reader, MSR, smart card reader, and LED light bar.

  • Application Solution Kit (ASK)

    Featured with various table stand, work station, wall-mount kits and arm, retails and medical series installation accessories

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