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Access and Security at 24/7 Fitness Centers



An Advantech customer provides security systems for the door entry and video monitoring equipment for a well known chain of fitness center locations around the world.Security is important at these fitness locations as they are unmanned and open 24/7 via key-card access. All public areas are equipped with cameras and the client database is stored in the cloud. The thousands of locations are updated every 3 minutes and keycards work at all locations. Advantech’s customer designed the entire security system for the fitness chain including cameras, recorders, IPTV, Wi-Fi, VoIP, etc. Each location has its own WAN access (switch, router, etc.)


The access control system uses an RS-422 interface from the host PC to the door circuit/RFID access relay device. The PC is connected via Ethernet to an overall location LAN. This serial connection of the door entry system was the focus of equipment needed from Advantech. Before using Advantech’s USB converter solution, the customer was using a PCI serial expansion card. Switching to the USB to serial converter allowed them to optimize the PC and also added reliability. They could not get the converter to fail. The customer wanted a private label version of Advantech standard Model BB-USOPTL4 for a number of reasons. First, they wanted to ensure that support calls came directly to them. Secondly, the custom label design allowed them to standardize installation instructions. The installer does not need to know anything about RS-485 but simply looks at the label and matches colors.

BB-USOPTL4 - Isolated 1-port USB to RS-422/485 Converter

Product Features & Benefits

  • Adds a COM port to your PC
  • 2000 V RMS optical isolation
  • 460.8 kbps data rate
  • Quick, easy in-line installation
  • Powered by USB port; no power supply required
  • High retention USB port connector holds standard USB cable tight – convenient for field use
  • Removable terminal block
  • USB 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 compatible (12 Mbps)
  • USB cable included