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Parking Lot Access Depends On Reliable Data



Parking garage and lot security gates must consistently provide access to those who are authorized to enter and prohibit access to those who are not. An Advantech customer manufactures security gate systems that are used by major hotel chains, airports and commercial parking facilities. An electronic controller operates the gates and allows remote monitoring. The controllers are connected to a master control room via RS-485 connections and, in some cases, the system is IP addressed and sent to a SCADA system for worldwide monitoring. The connection for these systems can run for several hundred feet, typically across open space. But, RS-485 communications can be susceptible to lighting surges, which presented a serious challenge for our customer. A nearby lightning strike could knock out the system, locking the gates. And downtime is not acceptable in systems that allow or prevent facility access. The customer was concerned their system did not include adequate industrial level data line surge suppression, and they were unsure how to select the appropriate equipment needed for the application.


To solve this problem, this OEM manufacturer turned to the experts at Advantech. A Field Application Engineer visited the client site and walked them through their surge protection options. The FAE determined that the customer’s application would benefit from a heavy-duty, 3-stage surge protection for maximum safety. Recommended model BB-422HESP protects with:  1) gas discharge tube, 2) series resistor, and 3) Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) for each supported data line. The BB-422HESP was installed as close as possible to the equipment being protected. 

Why Advantech

Model BB-422HESP was a solid solution at a great price. Advantech technical support is always free. Sometimes, a phone call or email is sufficient; other times, a site visit is needed. Our engineering resources are available to answer questions and develop solutions wherever our customers are located. Because Advantech manufactures in the USA, the product was in-stock and available for immediate delivery.