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VDSL X-Ring solution that leverages Ethernet switch functionalities over a variety of cables



VDSL (very high bit-rate digital subscriber line) and its second-generation VDSL2 are designed to transmit power and data over unshielded twisted pair (2 wires) & coax (coaxial cable) that allow for delivery distances between 100 to thousand meters. The VDSL SFP module series can be plugged into Advantech Ethernet switches, bringing the functionality of such switches to remote areas. The combination of a VDSL SFP module and Ethernet switch contributes to realizing additional management and monitoring possibilities, especially for intelligent transportation systems as well as environment and energy industries.


To enjoy the benefits that Ethernet switches bring to users, there are a few challenges that must be well considered

  1.  Extra efforts and resources for wire deployment:
    Most Ethernet switches support only copper and fiber connections which means extra wire deployment is required.
  2. Transmission distance limitation:
    Traditional copper connection transmission distance is around 100 meters. For remote data communication, fiber connection seems to be the only option


With Advantech VDSL solution that includes VDSL SFP modules plugged into Ethernet switches, a redundancy ring becomes more flexible and adjustable according to different applications.

Taking transportation surveillance system for instance, users can choose copper connection for short distance (<100m) communication in a district for cross road monitoring. VDSL connection, on the other hand, is good for medium distance (100~1000m) communication via coaxial cables deployed along highways for emergency phones. Fiber connections are also available for long distance communication (1000+m) between districts. 

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The mixture of cable usage extends an Ethernet switch’s serving area and brings more management features to users:

1. Redundancy: X-Ring Pro (ultra-high-speed recovery time < 20 ms), RSTP/STP (802.1w/1D)

2. IXM function enables fast deployment

3. Security: 802.1x (Port-Based, MD5/TLS/TTLS/PEAP Encryption), RADIUS

4. Management: SNMP v1/v2c/v3, WEB, Telnet, Standard MIB, Private MIB

Why Advantech

Advantech provides not only rugged and secure products, but also upgrade-ready integration solutions and high-quality services. With years of experience and commitment to Industry 4.0 practices, Advantech’s iConnectivity team focuses on every detail to provide customers with the optimal solution.

  • Strong reputation and commitment to Industry 4.0 
  • Proper product recommendations matching customer requirements 
  • Site survey services 
  • VDSL topology consultancy 
  •  Years of experience in public transportation

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