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Advantech LoRaWAN Solution Wins 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award


Nov 30, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan - Advantech, a leading supplier of industrial communication solutions, is honored to receive the 2021 Taiwan Excellence Award for its LoRaWAN solutions. The WISE-6610 LoRaWAN Gateway and WISE-2410 Smart Vibration Sensor’s excellent wireless capabilities impressed the judges. These solutions were recognized for demonstrating groundbreaking wireless product development.

WISE-6610: Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway

Advantech’s WISE-6610 gateway helps connect up to 500 sensors for remote real-time control and monitoring. WISE-6610 is capable of receiving and transmitting data to and from cloud platforms via 3G/LTE or wired Ethernet connections for applications in data acquisition, computing and analysis. This solution features low-power and wide transmission area capabilities, making it an excellent choice for applications that span geographic boundaries. Deploying WISE-6610 enables the transfer of data from disparate locations to a central command center, empowering staff to conduct instant, remote centralized monitoring.

WISE-2410: LoRaWAN Smart Vibration Sensor

Advantech’s WISE-2410 enables 24/7 monitoring and data collection for fixed or mobile devices. WISE-2410 helps users estimate motor-powered mechanical equipment operational statuses by cross-comparison of RMS speeds and eigenvalues against ISO 10816-3 standards and vibration characteristic values. Production line equipment health and statuses can be proactively tracked to plan preventive maintenance and avoid prevent unwanted downtime.

Advantech’s LoRaWAN solution helps users control and manage applications in remote areas (e.g., for flood monitoring) and harsh environments (e.g., extreme temperatures, high humidity) by utilizing LoRaWAN wireless technology to overcome distance limitations. These features help users maximize monitoring efficiency and increase productivity.

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