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High Retention USB Ports


The world is fast adopting USB as a cost-effective, convenient, easy to use tool. At the same time, USB ports are becoming more common in commercial and industrial equipment and applications. 

But, without a strong retention mechanism for the connection, it can been deemed inadequate for some industrial applications. Manufacturers have responded with proprietary connectors and special cables featuring a custom thumbscrew. While this attempts to address the issue, it adds cost and size. Worse yet, it requires the purchase of a custom USB cable that you will not find at a local store when you are stuck on a job site. 

Now you can forget about annoying cable disconnections due to vibration. B+B SmartWorx designs high-retention Type B USB port connectors into many of its USB products. These orange colored, high retention ports are 50% stronger than conventional ones, so they hold on tight to standard USB cables. Your USB connections will not loosen or accidentally pull out. 

The interface meets Class1/Division 2 minimum withdrawal requirements of 15N. You can rest assured that your USB data connections will hold securely together in demanding installations.

  • USB connections will not shake, vibrate or pull loose• 50% stronger than standard USB ports
  • 3.4 lbs-force (15 N) pull-force
  • Tested with standard USB cable
  • Meets Class 1/Division 2 minimum withdrawal requirement