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A Quick Overview of Monitoring HVAC Systems with Wzzard Sensors


Thermocouple Nodes use Type J or K thermocouples to measure temperature: 

• Room air temperature
• Feed / Return duct air temperature
Burner / boiler temperature 
• Outdoor temperature
AC suction / high side line temperature
• Compressor temperature
• Motor temperature
• Etc. 

Analog Nodes can be used to monitor any sensor that outputs an analog voltage or 4-20mA signal: 
Note: Signals other than 0-5V or 4-20mA may require signal conditioners or voltage dividers. 

• Temperature / Humidity
• Duct pressure
Differential pressure across filters
• Motor running current
• Compressor running current
• Hot gas line pressure
• Suction line pressure
Dew point
• Wind direction
• Soil moisture
• Etc. 

Digital Nodes can be used to monitor digital (On/Off) sensors and count events: 

• Compressor/pump run
• Heat/Cool on/off
• Float level (flood sensor)
• Wind Speed
• Rain gauge
• Limit sensors
• Smoke / CO sensors
• Etc.