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Using Model 485DRCi in place of Allen-Bradley 1761-NET-AIC Advanced Interface Converter (AIC+)


The B+B SmartWorx Model 485DRCI is an industrial RS-232 to RS-422/485 converter. While it is often used in Modbus applications, it may be configured for use in the DH-485 environment as a limited replacement for the 1761-NETAIC. For this application, you may need some additional equipment, as follows: 1. Allen-Bradley 1761-CBL-AP00 cable (8-pin DIN to 9-pin D-shell), available from your Rockwell Automation distributor. 2. A DB9 male/male null modem adapter, part number 31D1- 28100 will work, available from B+B SmartWorx. 3. 24 VDC Power. The 485DRCi must be supplied with external 10 to 48 VDC. B+B SmartWorx Model MDR-20-24 or any industrial power supply will work. The RS-232 signals on the 485DRCI connect via a DB9 female DCE connector (see Figure 1). This connector will need to be changed to a DTE port using the null modem adapter Model 31D1-28100, available from B+B SmartWorx. Note that there is no provision for powering the 485DRCI via the RS-232 port. Power should be connected via the terminal block. It accepts 10 to 48 VDC. The 485DRCi has a 5-pin pluggable terminal block with slightly different wiring. You will need to adapt the DH485 Trunk Cable using Table 1. Termination is selected via a DIP switch (see Table 2).