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Triple, 3-Way Optical Isolation Explained


Surges and transients follow the path of least resistance, and a tiny gap between circuit board traces is an easy path for surges to reach the delicate computer bus, bypassing expensive isolation components entirely. 

B+B SmartWorx designs wide, 3-way isolation zones into select products. Powerful optical isolation on Input Data and Output Data ports protects data and equipment from damaging ground loops and surges. Additional isolation on Power supply circuits adds a third degree of protection. 

If you are buying products from someone else, hold them up to the light and check the isolation zones. You might not be getting the protection that you are paying for – and need. ISOLATION ZONE 

3-way isolated circuit board design features:

• Special optocouplers isolate input data and output data signals 
Isolated DC-to-DC power supply provides power to each of the port 
• Use of strict spacing rules or “isolation zones”