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Keeping up with Industry Needs: Industrial Automation Devices Evolve to Meet IT, OT, and IoT Challenges


Advancements in Advantech remote I/O, I/O gateways, and controllers address changing industrial automation needs with innovations.

In the early days of automation, digital industrial automation systems existed solely in the operational technology (OT) realm. The introduction of digital links between controllers and remote I/O was a significant step forward. The introduction of the PC in the early 1980s, and its adoption by the industrial automation industry later that decade, was one of the first instances when information technology (IT) entered the OT realm.  

Further advances followed, such as open protocols to link controllers with remote I/O and field devices, providing users with choices by breaking the proprietary ties between components. These open protocols also enabled another example of OT/IT integration: PC-based control, first introduced in the late 1980s. As end users implemented these advances, appetites for additional openness, often whetted by exposure to IT hardware and software, grew rapidly. This demand laid the foundation for Internet of Things (IoT) implementations, which included OT and IT elements by necessity.

Support for Technology Advancements

In this white paper, we trace the evolution of three main building blocks for industrial automation: remote I/O, I/O gateways, and controllers. We outline how components and Advantech devices have evolved in each area to meet user demands with respect to OT applications, OT-IT integration, and IoT implementations.

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