Break through edge computing speed ceilings

  • Standard full-size Mini PCIe modules
  • Variety of I/O interface choices, USB/ PCIe
  • Extend extra interface ports, GigaLAN/ USB/ SATA/ RS-232/ RS-422/ RS-485…etc.
  • Embedded Extension Modules
    Dynamic Connectivity for Versatile
  • Connecting the dots – from generic motherboards to industry focused applications

    EXM modules provide standard full-size Mini PCIe modules with a variety of I/O for embedded boards and systems.

    • Flexible I/O Interface Choices: Including CANBus, parallel, serial, GigaLAN, SATA III, and USB 2.0 / 3.0 interface selections.
    • Wide Temperature Support: Some Modules are designed to support operation in wide temperature ranges (0~70℃/ -40~85℃) to fulfill critical application needs.
    • Software Support: Providing CANBus API for easier I/O deployment. Windows and/or Linux versions are available.

    EXM Extension Modules

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    • 1 Using copper pillars and screws to mount the module onto PCB
    • 2 Sidefill for connection robustness
    • 3 Anti-Sulfuration wide temperature
    • 4 Conformal coating