Designed to Keep Your Data Safe

  • FIPS Certified SSDs available
  • TCG-OPAL compliant SSD design
  • Built-in AES-256 encryption
  • Comprehensive security management utility
  • Integrated McAfee and Acronis
  • SQFlash
    Leading Industrial SSD
  • High Performance, Excellent Reliability, Comprehensive Security

    We used our decades of embedded market experience to developed SQFlash, creating an excellent industrial storage solution with a full range of product support and value-added services. Advantech SQFlash SSDs are designed with industrial operation in mind, and provide highly reliable storage with excellent compatibility, performance, and security. All our products are built with a TCG-OPAL self-encryption disk functionality powered by AES-256 internal encryption, and Advantech’s unique Flash Lock function for disk protection.

    • SATAインターフェース

      2.5", DOM, CFast, mSATA, スリムタイプを含むさまざまなフォームファクタのSATAインターフェース準拠ストレージ

    • PATAインターフェース

      2.5", DOM および CF などのPATA インターフェースストレージ

    • PCIe インターフェース

      M.2 や U.2などの最新のPCIeインターフェースSSD

    • Onboard Solution

      SQFlash provide standard and wide temp. onboard storage products with legacy MLC and latest 3D TLC Flash for various application demand.

    • SD / USBインターフェース

      SDカード, Micro SDカード, および USB DOM

  • Key Features

    • Comprehensive Security
      • FIPS certified SQFlash SSD
      • TCG-OPAL compliant
      • Crypto Erase and Military Erase
      • McAfee & Acronis software integration
    • High Endurance
      • 10x more durable SSD with 3D sTLC solution (P/E cycle: 30k)
      • Industrial extended temperature support
      • DeviceOn/SQ Manager : software monitoring
    • Power Failure Protection
      • Comprehensive protection ensures data integrity
      • Built-in voltage stabilizer
      • Reliable startup power sequence
    • Thermal Solution on NVMe SSD
      • Industrial heatsink cools down up to 30 °C
      • Flexible thermal grease prevents physical damage
      • Smart thermal throttling against sudden performance drop
      • Remote health and temperature monitoring
    • Flexible Customization Service
      • 30-day time to market design-in service
      • Extended longevity: 3 ~ 5 years
      • Early access to the latest Flash technology
      • System integration with FPGA and firmware support
  • Warranty Policy

    • SQFlash provides 3 years limited warranty by default, with an optional extend warranty to 5 years by project requirement. The warranty will be void if either one of the following situations:

      • External causes, including accidents, abnormal electrical, mechanical or environmental conditions, misuse, neglect, alteration, repair, or improper installation.
      • When the SSD has exceeded 95% of its TBW (Total Bytes Written) threshold, as may be indicated by the Advantech SQFlash Utility – Life Monitoring.
      • When the Flash Program / Erase cycle exceeds its design limits.
      SLC 100,000 or 60,000 depends on product SKU.
      Ultra MLC30,000.
      3D TLC 3,000 or 1,500 depends on product SKU
      3D sTLC30,000
  • 1 2 3 4
    Contact us to customize your own secure storage and memory solution!
    • 1 Using copper pillars and screws to mount the module onto PCB
    • 2 Sidefill for connection robustness
    • 3 Anti-Sulfuration wide temperature
    • 4 Conformal coating