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Quality Solutions Ensure Security

  • The IoT market’s best SSD and memory solution
  • Industrial design with global service
  • Complete power failure protection
  • Comprehensive security functions
  • Proven ruggedness with advanced thermal solutions
  • Market Leading Industrial SSD and Memory Provider

    Advantech provides a wide range of memory products, including SSD, industrial DDR, and I/O extension modules. Security (SQ) is at the heart of our solutions, therefore we are committed to providing high-quality modules and security with corresponding software utilities and solutions. These include McAfee anti-virus, Acronis solutions, and Advantech DeviceOn/SQ Manager — which simplifies real-time status and lifespan monitoring. Advantech delivers total solutions for a diverse range of embedded, automation, transportation, and networking applications.

  • Excellent Reliability

  • DeviceOn/SQ Manager, Intelligent PMQ tool kit with Cloud Remote Management

    Advantech's DeviceOn/SQ Manager software utility includes tools that enable real-time local and remote monitoring for SQFlash and SQRAM products. These utilities help manage security features, enhance maintenance efficiency and performance monitoring; and augment overall system stability.

    • SQFlash SSD Solutions

      Rugged storage media with advanced security

      SATA, PCIe/NVMe, and PATA/IDE with multiple form factors including 2.5" SSD, mSATA, M.2, DOM, CFast, and half-slim SSD

    • SQRAM Memory Solutions

      Smart and durable industrial DRAM memory

      Unbuffered DIMM, ECC DIMM, Server DIMM, and Rugged DIMM with speeds of DDR5, DDR4, DDR3, DDR2, and DDR1.

    • EXM Extension Modules

      Wide selection of specific I/O interfaces

      Standard full-size Mini PCIe modules equipped with variety of I/O interfaces for embedded boards and systems

  • Find a Solution That fits Your Business

    • Automation

      Industrial automation applications require storage and memory solutions with excellent stability, longevity, and endurance. The high frequency of write functions in industrial automotive applications makes endurance and 3 years longevity support very important. Advantech offers sTLC flash technology for applications that require excellent endurance. sTLC deliver a 10-fold increase in endurance when compared to standard TLC and are comparatively cheaper than SLC.

    • Transportation

      Ruggedized designs and extra longevity are frequent requests for transportation applications due to harsh operating environments and strict certification requirements. Advantech offers SQFlash and SQRAM products with market-leading ruggedness and 3 to 5 year lifespans. This enhances product reliability for applications in transportation surveillance, data logging, and infotainment.

    • Defense/ Aerospace

      To ensure 24/7 continuous operation in military/aerospace applications, and meet environmental challenges caused by wide temperatures and high humidity, Advantech provides ruggedized storage and memory modules. These modules are aimed at meeting military demands for non-volatile, high security, and high reliability solutions. Our solutions are designed with an integrated suite of security features — including data encryption, emergency erase, McAfee, and Acronis security/backup solutions to keep your data safe.

    • Networking

      Networking applications demand reliable 24/7 operation. Advantech provides the latest storage and memory solutions, including NVMe SSD and DDR4 memory at 2666/2933/3200 MHz. These solutions meet industry demands for performance, capacity, and endurance.

    • Medical

      The failure of an operating room’s medical video recorder could result in death or injury in time sensitive applications. Therefore, industrial medical applications require storage and memory with excellent stability, longevity, security, and endurance. Healthcare applications further require reliable 24/7 operation. The medical industry faces a number of ever-increasing challenges caused be the development of AIoT. In future hospitals, AI will seamlessly analyze images and data from individual patients and empower healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care and higher patient throughput. To help medical equipment designers address significant industry demands, Advantech is making this vision a reality. We are creating a smarter and more connected medical industry using industry-leading hardware, firmware, and software solutions.