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Enhanced Data Security and Continuity Through Power Failure Protection


Project Requirements

As SSD products become increasingly prevalent in enterprise environments, the necessity for a robust solution to shield these systems from the repercussions of power failures has grown. This project aimed to create a technology that not only mitigates the risks posed by power interruptions but also seamlessly integrates Human Security Gates to ensure a comprehensive and secure operational environment.

Project Description

At its core, the project revolved around devising a technology capable of protecting SSDs during power failures. Moreover, it sought to seamlessly integrate Human Security Gates into the system, combining power failure protection with enhanced physical security measures to fortify the entire operational setup.

Product Specifications

  • SQFlash 840V, 840L, and 930L series products include full power failure protection. There are configurations suited to different communication interfaces.
  • Model Names: SQF-S25 840V (0 ~ 70℃ / -40 ~ 85℃), 840L & 930L (0 ~ 70℃) 
  • 100% burn-in test on the production line before shipment
  • SQFlash stress test for 24hr; high-low burn-in test with 100% loading; low-temperature boot-up test with 1000 cycles; power loss test at 3,500 cycles

    The resultant SQFlash product boasts a suite of comprehensive features: 
  • Power Fault Tolerance: Integrated power failure detection and protection mechanisms that automatically switch to internal energy storage during outages, ensuring data integrity. 
  • Various Data Transfer Configurations: Suited to different host requirements for optimal solutions. 
  • Optimized Durability: Improved SQFlash SSD longevity and resilience contribute to an extended product lifespan. 
  • Human Security Gates Integration: Seamless incorporation of Human Security Gates, adding an additional layer of physical security to the setup.


  • Operable for multiple operating temperature ranges: 0 ~ 70 °C / -40 ~ 85 °C 
  • Data Protection: The integration of power failure protection and Human Security Gates mitigates the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • Business Continuity: Reducing interruptions caused by power failures and bolstering physical security enhances operational continuity and stability. 
  • Performance Enhancement: Faster data transfer speeds and reduced latency contribute to improved system performance, amplifying overall productivity.

Why Advantech

The SQFlash SSD successfully integrates power failure protection mechanisms with Human Security Gates to fortify SQFlash memory for enterprise applications, offering clients a more secure, reliable, and efficient storage solution. It not only minimizes risks related to power failures but also reinforces the physical security aspect, ensuring a robust operational environment.