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AI to Improve Public Safety in Mexico City - World’s First Community Driven Smart Surveillance Solution Helps Authorities Reduce Crime by 40%



Security is one of the main concerns for global communities. Protecting families is also a top priority for authorities that invest a lot of resources into improving city safety. However, traditional surveillance systems show inefficiencies widening the gap between citizens and security agents. Industry leading companies including Advantech, Intel, HCL, RADAR and VSBLTY have joined forces to develop the first 360-degree smart surveillance solution that connects families to the police through an edge AI enhanced platform that enables real time response to security threats. 

This world’s first surveillance solution is based on a unique collaborative framework that actively involves citizens in crime prevention. The revolutionary solution is called RADAR and is built upon four pillars: HOME, CITY, GUARD and SYNC. It creates a comprehensive smart surveillance network that connects families to the police over a shared platform that increases collaboration to improve city safety.

RADAR HOME – The Families as Active Security Agents

One of the breakthroughs of RADAR is the active role of citizens in the public security strategy. RADAR provides families the opportunity to feel safer. Each citizen can request a security kit that is installed at their front door and connected to the monitoring center leveraging existing residential broadband access. The camera feed is sent back to the police station, processed and analyzed using AI techniques to create real time alerts and reports. 

In addition, families have control and full visibility into their home security through the RADAR APP that allows them to report security issues, request a police patrol, chat with the police or visualize the position of the patrol car and the estimated time of arrival in real time. RADAR APP users can even request live tracking when going from point A to B. If any irregularity is observed, the police will contact the person and if there is no or negative response they will go and check if the person is safe. 

RADAR HOME helps with crime detection and prevention. In addition to real time AI and user generated alerts, the deployment of connected cameras and LED lights in residential neighborhoods is also a preventive measure to deter criminals. By actively integrating the families as part of the city security strategy, not only crime rates can be reduced but also quality of life for citizens can be improved creating a safer environment that makes them feel confident about their personal safety. 

AI Enhanced Surveillance

Apart from being available to the family through the RADAR APP, camera streams from each HOME kit is sent to the monitoring center for real time AI analysis. RADAR HOME video streams are integrated with data generated by RADAR CITY cameras, the counterpart of RADAR HOME for full city protection. Smart cameras installed throughout the city and especially in busy areas are connected through a mesh Wi-Fi 6 network sending back surveillance information to the police station. For brownfield deployments, existing city owned cameras can also be integrated into the RADAR AI edge computing platform. 

At the police command and control center, video, audio and alerts from RADAR HOME and CITY cameras and microphones are integrated and analyzed in highly efficient AI and storage servers. AI generated data includes weapon detection, shot triangulation, facial and plate recognition, threat detection and tracking, traffic analysis, vehicle counting and temperature monitoring. Police agents are connected to the RADAR ecosystem through RADAR SYNC, the situational awareness platform that gives them full visibility and control over the city safety. This includes the data generated by HOME and CITY, geo-localized alarms, patrols and citizen chats. RADAR SYNC also gives them access to the fourth pillar of the solution, RADAR GUARD, which brings the police patrols into the picture, integrating them as part of the collaborative security network with real time access to all data. 

The Power of AI & Edge Computing

The simplicity and collaborative nature of RADAR is based on a comprehensive AI edge computing framework that makes more efficient use of data and resources. The solution combines the power of AI and edge computing technologies leveraging Intel® Smart Edge, a multi-access edge computing (MEC) platform that delivers the following benefits. 

Intel® Smart Edge software solutions enable highly optimized edge platforms to manage applications and network functions with cloud-like agility across any type of network. It is of special interest for edge AI, smart city applications that integrate real time information as part of the decision making process. At its foundation, highly efficient Advantech SKY-8000 Series servers take care of the heavy AI edge computing. These high performance servers provide high availability to mission critical solutions while leveraging economy of scale of standard off-the-shelf products. 

New Advantech Edge Servers for AIoT

The Advantech SKY-8000 Series is a range of high performance edge servers designed to balance best-in-class Intel Xeon Scalable processing with maximum I/O and offload density in short depth chassis. The systems are power optimized, robust platforms that provide superior reliability in critical applications including, but not limited to Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and 5G Open RAN. The power and cooling options along with the streamlined mechanical design make it ideal for demanding deployments requiring high performance acceleration such as the Intel® vRAN accelerator ACC100 or Intel® MovidiusTM VPUs for AI.

Architected around 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, the new SKY-8000 servers featured below combine cutting-edge performance with the ruggedness, reliability, and long system lifecycles required by the industry. They have been optimized for the 5G intelligent edge to support wide range operating temperature, environmental shock, vibration and dust conditions. Redundant power supplies, the ability to withstand single fan failures, redundant BIOS and firmware images with failsafe remote updates and hot swappable FRUs make the SKY-8000 Series the platform of choice for mission-critical applications requiring virtually zero downtime. In addition, their compact design perfectly fits harsh environments where limited space is available including IP65 pole mount, roadside unit or street-side cabinet options.

Success Story

The solution described in this paper has been successfully deployed in Mexico City by local authorities. Since its first deployment, the system has improved neighborhood security by 40%. Different districts (“Alcaldias”) in Mexico City (CDMX) including Benito Juarez and Cuajimalpa have deployed RADAR with an impressive reduction in crime rate putting these “Alcadias” at the fore front of the city public safety. 

Over 8,000 RADAR kits have been deployed across the city reporting to different police stations where the command and control centers are installed. These AI enhanced cameras and microphones act as smart eyes and ears for the police throughout the city allowing them to efficiently manage city safety in tight collaboration with citizens through a shared platform that is easily accessible via a straightforward mobile app. 


In today’s hyperconnected world, social networks allow people around the globe to coordinate based on common interests. RADAR bridges the gap between authorities and citizens with the objective of improving city safety in a collaborative way. By combining latest AI and edge computing technologies, police departments are able to manage threats over a unified platform that provides full situational awareness enabling effective coordination of all parties. The system does not only reduce crime rate but also costs through efficient AI integration of cameras and microphones deployed throughout the city. By smartly connecting families and authorities, RADAR allows the police to act in a timely manner and anticipate criminal acts. Safer neighborhoods improve quality of life for its citizens helping people thrive in flourishing cities. 

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