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Ultra Low Power 8K UHD Transcoding Solution


Ultra Low Power 8K UHD Transcoding Solution

Executive Summary

The demand for 8K video content is accelerating, fueled by advancements in display technology and rising consumer expectations. However, processing and delivering highresolution content in real-time poses significant challenges to the resources, efficiency, and robustness of broadcast systems.

Advantech's cutting-edge VEGA Video Solution rises to meet these challenges, providing an exceptional 8K transcoding capability that delivers high-quality results with minimal power consumption. This real-time broadcasting solution is at the forefront of revolutionizing the visual landscape.

Key components in this groundbreaking solution are VEGA- 7110 and VEGA-6321, leveraging the impressive power of 11th and 12th Gen Intel® processors integrated with Intel® Arc Pro graphics cards. These platforms and components combine seamlessly to unlock the full potential of 8K content, offering an unparalleled viewer experience.

With a keen focus on versatility, Advantech’s solution supports multiple video codecs, ensuring seamless compatibility with various encoding and decoding requirements. This adaptability guarantees smooth integration with existing systems and enables broadcasters to meet evolving market demands.