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Endoscopic Surgery Image Encoding, Storage, and Streaming



Endoscopic surgery is a mature and minimally invasive surgery used widely in today’s smart hospitals with clinical applications being expanded and intensified. Both doctors and patients can benefit from the endoscopic surgery. For example, the doctor only needs a catheter to see the patient’s lesions. Also, the patient can choose minimally invasive surgery instead of traditional operations which can shorten patient recovery times.

The primary function of the endoscope is to display images taken by an optical sensor through monitors or computers. In the medical field, image storage and transmission functions are also required. Advantech has cooperated with a leading medical instrument provider in China to develop a high-quality, all-in-one endoscope for filming, encoding, storage, and transmission. Endoscopes are sometimes used for streaming or recording surgical operations, and they are sometimes used for remote doctor consultations or educational training, which is invaluable for expanding the scope and development of cutting-edge smart medical technology.

The Solution

Advantech’s endoscopic surgery image coding, storage and streaming solution includes four parts. The first part is the endoscope camera function, which transmits images to the encoding module. The second part is Advantech partner’s control board and light source board, which is used to control the endoscope while managing the encoding module through SPI. Thirdly, Advantech VEGA-2000M encoding module collects high-definition SDI signals for high quality encoding. Lastly, the encoded data can be stored on USB flash drive, streamed via LAN port, or real-time displayed on screen though the HDMI interface. The solution provides great advantages of convenience for endoscopic surgery and ensures that vital high quality images are recorded and stored securely.

Advantech VEGA-2000M module adopts the HiSilicon chipset, featuring compact size, competitive price, multiple interfaces, and low power consumption. The coding module offers a hardware interface location adjustment function, complete CGI commands, and UI interfaces, as well as customized software so that you can benefit from shorter product development cycles, saving resources and accelerating your time to market.

Advantech also offers a 4K encoding module VEGA-2002 which integrates Ambarella processor for real-time encoding and streaming.

For more information, please visit VEGA-2000M product page.