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An Efficient On-Device AI Solution for Robotic Lawn Mowers Using Robust OSM Computer-on-Module


Robotic lawnmowers are gaining popularity as they provide time optimization, labor reduction, and automation of repetitive tasks. These battery-powered autonomous machines are equipped with specialized sensors, cameras, and navigation systems to identify mowing areas and avoid obstacles. They offer convenience, precision, and eco-friendliness, enabling autonomous operation and ensuring a consistently well-maintained lawn.

Challenges and Demands

  • Lower power requirements for extended battery-powered operation.
  • On-device AI computing for instant machine vision.
  • GNSS and 5G connectivity for the low-latency fleet lawnmower management. 
  •  High-vibration tolerance for outdoor, ruggedized environments.

Solutions and Technologies

  • Powered by Qualcomm® Kryo™ 670 CPU with eight ArmV8 cores up to 2.7GHz, operating at 6.5 Watts. 
  • Features a fused AI-accelerator architecture with Qualcomm® Hexagon processor, delivering 13 TOPs. 
  • Supports Qualcomm GNSS and 5G technologies via optional M.2 modules. 
  • Compatible with Ubuntu OS and Advantech ROS2 Suite for AI and robotics application development. 
  • Equipped with ISP and VPU for 4K60 video decoding and pre-processing. 
  • Ultra-thin Open Standard Module with surface mount technology assembly.


  • High integration from processing, connectivity, to software in a single chip to streamline development efforts. 
  • Optimal performance and efficiency with advanced Edge-AI and computing at lower power. 
  • Space efficiency and enhanced reliability for mobile edge devices. 


  • OSM Size-L (45 x 45 mm) with Qualcomm QCS6490 
  • Integrated 8x Kryo™ 670 CPU built on ArmV8 Cortex technology @2.7GHz and an Adreno 643 GPU 4K30P @812MHz 
  • Fused AI-accelerator Hexagon™ processor brings up to 13 TOPs at low power 
  • Essential I/O for AIoT applications: 2 x GbE, 1x USB 3.2 Gen2, 2x PCIe, 1x MIPI-DSI,  1x eDP

Advantech Computer-on-Modules Based on the Open Standard Module by SGET

Advantech, in partnership with the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies (SGET), presents a range of tiny solder-on modules following the Open Standard Module (OSM) standard, complete with pre-defined hardware and software interfaces. These modules complement the existing Computer-On-Modules, and backed by Advantech’s manufacturing and software prowess, our OSM solutions spearhead the era of miniature embedded technology, ensuring future adaptability.