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The 15th Board of Directors The 14th Board of Directors

As the highest policy and management body of the Company, Advantech's Board of Directors not only formulates regulations and measures in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and the powers entrusted by the shareholders' meeting, but also supervises each item of implementation results.

Key Responsibilities of the Board of Directors:

  1. Review corporate business plan.
  2. Review the financial report of the Company.
  3. Formulate a valid and proper internal control system.
  4. Supervise and handle all risks faced by the Company.
  5. Design and formulate the direction, strategy and tactics of corporate management.
  6. Hiring or dismissal of an attesting CPA, or the compensation given thereto


Title Name Selected Education & Past Positions
Chairman K.C. Liu
  • Current Positions : Founder and CEO of Advantech、Honorary Director of Intelligence Industry Computer IoT Association
  • Experience : Former salesman of Instruments Dept. of Hewlett-Packard
  • Education : Department of Telecommunications Engineering, National Chiao Tung University
Jeff Chen
  • Experience: VP of Stanley Black & Decker and President of Asia Region
  • Education : EMBA, Northwestern University
Ji-Ren Lee
  • Current Positions: Independent Director of Delta Electronics Inc.、Independent Director of VIVOTEK Inc.、Independent Director of ACER Incorporated.
  • Experience: Associate Dean, College of Management and Executive Director, EMBA Program, National Taiwan University
  • Education: Ph. D in Strategic Management, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Director K and M Investment Co., Ltd
Representative: Wesley Liu
  • Current Positions: Director of Advantech Human Resources Department
  • Experience: Director of Advantech Intelligent City Services Co., Ltd.
  • Education : Johns Hopkins University GMBA
Director AIDC Investment Corp.
Representative Tony Liu
  • Current Positions: Director of Advantech Corporate Investment Department.
  • Experience: Product Manager of Advantech Intelligent Imaging Business Unit.
  • Education: Master of Business Administration, National Taiwan University
Advantech Foundation.
Representative Chaney Ho
  • Current Positions: Independent Director of Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Experience : General manager of Advantech、General manager of Le Wel Co., Ltd.
  • Education : Tatung Institute of Technology ,Taiwan
Independent Director Ming-Hui Chang
  • Current Positions: Independent Director of Uni-President Enterprises Corp.
  • Experience: Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers Management Consulting Co., Ltd.、CEO/Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Adjunct Professor
  • Education: Ph.D. in Accounting, University of Maryland
Independent Director Benson Liu
  • Current Positions: Independent Director of Vanguard International Semiconductor Co.
  • Experience: Chairman and President of Bristol-Myers Squibb (Taiwan) Ltd. Director legal representative of The Maywufa Biopharma Group, independent director of Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation, and independent director of Chenbro Micom Co., Ltd.
  • Education : Master, International Business Administration, University of Northrop, USA
Independent Director Chan-Jane Lin
  • Current Positions : Professor, Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University、Independent Director of Focal Tech Systems Co., Ltd.
  • Experience: Independent Director of Fubon Securities Co., Ltd.
  • Education : Ph.D. in Accounting ,University of Maryland

Director’s tenure: 2023/05/25~2026/05/24

List of Board members, Professional Expertise and Industry Experiences

Advantech Co., Ltd. values corporate governance and the functions of the Board of Directors. The selection of members of the Board of Directors adheres to our diversity policy with a comprehensive evaluation of industry background, education and background, professional domain, and gender equality, in an attempt to facilitate diverse viewpoints.

The 15th Board of Directors comprises nine directors. In particular, three seats are independent directors, accounting for 33% of all Board of Directors members. With the principle of gender equality, the 15th Board of Directors has recruited one seat of female directors (11%) and has specified the minimum ratio of female directors in the regulations < Corporate Governance Best Practice Principiples >. In the future, the ratio will continue to strengthen and increase accordingly. All directors are of Taiwanese nationality while the age distribution of members includes 2 directors aged between 31-40 years old (22%), 6 directors aged between 61-70 years old (67%) and 1 director aged between 71-80 years old (11%).

Industry and Professional Background:

Chairman K.C Liu is the founder of Advantech Co., Ltd., who constantly develops innovation and applications since the foundation of the company, pushing Advantech towards global objectives. In recent years, in view of the thriving development of global IoT, the Company actively co-establishes the industry ecology circle with partners, and carries forward the software/hardware solutions based on WISE-PaaS/IoT. Driven by altruism-based value, Advantech implements ESG from the core expertise based on the industry and thereby expands its social impact, shifting towards sustainability objectives.

Director Chaney Ho is the co-founder of Advantech, with a long-term focus on the global sales and marketing of Advantech, and brand and operation management. He plans and promotes the vision as the “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” in order to accelerate the process of Advantech entering the IoT industry. Consequently, Advantech has won the top five places in international brands from Taiwan for several years since 2004.

Director Wesley Liu has experience related to smart city, smart retail system integration (SI) solutions and IoT development, and he also has experience in talent strategic development and comprehensive management.

Director Tony Liu is the director of Advantech Corporate Investment department, who has expertise in accounting, financial analysis and leadership in business management.

Director Ji-Ren Lee is an honorary professor at National Taiwan University and a recognized authority in the field of enterprise management strategy. He possesses profound expertise in areas such as corporate transformation, organizational restructuring, and development strategies.

Director Jeff Chen is the former vice president and president of Asia at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc, who owns experience in large international enterprise management, execution of M&A strategies and in-depth understanding of technological and professional knowledge.

Independent director Benson Liu is the executive director of the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association with professional knowledge and skills in accounting and management, as well as familiarity with relevant laws and regulations.

Independent Chan-Jane Lin is the professor of Accounting Department of National Taiwan University with an education background in finance, business, and management, and research in corporate governance.

Independent director Ming-Hui Chang is the former chairman of Pricewaterhousecoopers Management Consulting Co., Ltd. with expertise in accounting, financial analysis and leadership in business management.

The Board of Directors composes of elites from the industries and academic circle, who own abundant personal insight, international market perspective, professional academic abilities, corporate operation and management, and risk management. The members make optimal and excellent contributions to the corporate operations and management, accomplishing the diversified and specific management objectives of the Board of Directors. The specification of the industry experience and composition of diversification are described in the following table:

BOD meeting resolutions

Advantech Co., Ltd.
Independent Director Qualification Criteria

The independent directors of the Company not only have to meet the qualification requirements as stipulated in Article 3 of Regulations Governing Appointment of Independent Directors and Compliance Matters for Public Companies but also refer to DJSI criteria for determining independence as an additional reference.