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Design-In ePaper: Streamlined Embedded Display Modules for Wide-Ranging Applications

Design-In ePaper

Design-In Revolution

Gone are the days of hardware limitations. Our innovative  design-in approach empowers end users to seamlessly integrate  ePaper display panels into their hardware, thanks to customizable  open-frame designs. With panel sizes ranging from to  customizable 2.13" to 31.2", indoor and outdoor options, and  efficient data transmission via USB and USB-C interfaces, the  possibilities are endless. 

Seamless Server Integration     

A leading semiconductor company in Taiwan has embraced Advantech's open-frame 2.9" display  module, revolutionizing their production machines. By broadcasting item information and status,  this ePaper Display module streamlines operations and integrates effortlessly with existing  central systems. Multi-transmissions save time and provide comprehensive data visualization,  boosting efficiency and productivity.

Efficiency Meets Sustainability

open-frame 2.9" display  module

By integrating ePaper display modules into machinery, processes become streamlined, and  power consumption is reduced. Even when powered off, the ePaper panel retains the last  updated information, allowing operators to check machine parts during production. This not only  enhances production visualization but also effectively sustains operations, contributing to  increased efficiency and reduced energy usage.

System Architecture 

System Architecture

Product Specifications

EPD series
• 2.9" ~ 31.2" ePaper panel display 

• Open frame design with flexible embedded ePaper display module 

• Fast data transmission and panel refresh 

• Bi-stable with wide viewing angles

The Advantech Open frame design with flexible embedded ePaper display module is available for order. Please contact an Advantech sales office or visit our website ( for more information.