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Mini UTM - Unified Threat Management Solutions


Selling Points

  • Mainstream Brand: Collaborate with world-class brand security engine to ensure first-class quality.
  • High Performance: UTM uses Advantech's hardware appliance and Venustech's software technology to make this desktop UTM can reach to a 1G overall network throughput performance with all security functional engine enabled, or a 2G overall network throughput performance with only firewall function enabled. it is the highest performance product among desktop level UTM in the world.
  • Ease of Use: Quick installation, USB drive one-click configuration importation. Even office staff without IP network knowledge can conduct quick installation.
  • Cloud Management: Cloud management, convenient and efficient. (License activation, license transfer, customized report, customer management, update management)

Venustech UTM provides a total solution for network management. Equipping with industry’s leading anti-virus engine, Venustech UTM not only earns great reputation in the UTM industry, but helps small and medium-sized enterprises reduce cost on the investment of cyber security. UTM features diverse network management functionalities, include virus detection (Anti-virus), online behavior management, anti-spam, and network intrusion detection and prevention…etc. No matter the application scenario is for the basic interconnection between end-point devices or the advanced threats management, Venustech UTM offers 24/7 protection for enterprises network environment.

Nowadays, Venustech UTM has a 15% market share in Japan, providing completed total protection for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises with great reputation. So far, there are more than 60,000 UTM registered online in Japan with cloud management capabilities (VCloud). The VCloud assists administrators to update latest virus-code and diagnosis the network healthy status. Administrators can review system log from cloud anytime, anywhere and aware the real-time security level. It did improve IT personnel’s working efficiency while protect enterprises’ network from malicious attack.

Over 60,000 UTM in Japan has been deployed.

Key features

  • Remote Access: Employees can remotely access to their company’s server and increase their working efficiency via a secure VPN connection.
  • Online Behavior Management: User Authentication helps employers to analyze employees’ online behavior and prevent the abnormal incident such as malware download and restricted websites accessing. Venustech UTM helps both employees and employers to increase productivity and working efficiency by creating a secured and reliable network.
  • Encryption: In chain stores, confidential information such as transaction record and order details is transmitted to the headquarters through reliable VPN connection that has been encrypted.
  • 99.9% Anti-spam Succeeded Rate: Almost 99.9% of email spam can be effectively identified, which not only save enterprises’ bandwidth and storage resource, but also save employers’ and employees’ valuable working time. In addition, Venustech UTM successfully keeps internal network from hackers’ malicious attach via the advanced intrusion-detection and prevention mechanism and the industry’s leading anti-virus engine
  • 24/7 Protection: Through VCloud, Venustech UTM could detect advanced threats and minimize network vulnerabilities. Venustech UTM keeps enterprises’ security level as zero-day security breach.

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