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Advantech Industrial Wireless Solutions Help US Healthcare Institutions Boost Patient Medication Safety


In light of smart medical device with wireless capability gaining importance in medical service field, Advantech has served medical community with distinction and proudly introduce wireless solutions to enable reliable and efficient device communication and enhance patient safety.

Interview with Alice Liu, Product Manager of Advantech Industrial Wireless Solution (AIW)

Along with the evolution of technology,traditional healthcare environments and medical practices around the world are gradually becoming digital, networked, and intelligent. This not only ensures a more comfortable environment for patients receiving medical treatment, but it also enhances their safety during the treatment process. Development of wireless technologies is making various smart healthcare applications more useful and convenient. For example, in addition to common smart clinics and wards, smart medicine cabinets with wireless technologies have gradually become standard equipment in hospitals, enabling healthcare workers to more accurately administer medication to patients,and allowing administrator to collect medical supply and medicine usage to achieve accurate supply management and cost efficiency. 

Wireless solutions becomes an important part of smart healthcare

To ensure patient’s safety and cope with mission-critical treatment situations at anytime, it is important for hospitals and medical environments to minimize unnecessary cables and wires. This is why wireless solutions have become a crucial part of complete smart healthcare systems. Alice Liu, Product Manager of Advantech Industrial Wireless Solution (AIW),said, “In mission critical application such as medical treatment, lives are at stake so it’s important to get it right.” Because healthcare workers handle many patients with varying needs that need to be managed on a regular basis, minimize error causing factors such as accidental wire unplug and ensure critical health data does not become lost is very important.

To ensure the medication safety of patients and help healthcare workers effectively administer medications and manage inventory, smart medicine dispensing systems such as medicine cabinets or carts that communicates via wireless network have become an ideal solution. These systems can be incorporated into an automated medicine management system which can automatically record and track the flow of medicines,assist nurses in retrieving correct medicine and dosage, and help pharmacists with inventory management. These systems can contribute significantly to ensuring medication safety for patients while improving the work efficiency of healthcare workers. 

Advantech provides solutions to fasten product time-to-market

Referring to medical equipment providers in the US, Alice Liu pointed out that they adopted Advantech’s EWM-W192K1 Wireless Kit solution, a complete package of antennas, related accessories, and a wireless modules, as part of their smart medicine cabinet system.

This not only helps clients reduce the time for designing products and sourcing other raw materials, but it also enables them to quickly complete their product development and enter validation stage. For example, a smart medicine cabinets manufacturer employ EWM-W192K1 wireless kit to enable automated medicine management; another medical equipment manufacturers integrates Advantech’s EWMW192K1 wireless kit solution into surgical room equipment for equipment status and consumable management.

In addition to the medical industry, other markets showing great interest for wireless solutions to supporting smart applications include retail, warehouse management, transportation, smart buildings and environmental monitor. Alice Liu stressed that in order to provide customers with complete wireless solutions, Advantech has set up a dedicated department—Advantech Industrial Wireless Solution (AIW)—offering wireless modules that can support various wireless technologies including Wi-Fi 5/6, 4G LTE, 5G NR, GPS/GNSS, and Bluetooth. The selections of different wireless technology enables equipment makers to quickly find suitable solutions that support their product designs. It can also significantly reduce the resources needed to enter different geo-regions, given that all related solutions comply with mainstream wireless communication module certification such as CE and FCC.

Advantech believes that with complete selections of wireless solutions, equipment makers and system integrators in growing number of industries can accelerate the development of more products that better meet the needs of smart applications, ensuring the implementation of more effective smart applications in new industries. 

Advantech's Solutions and Application Benefits

Advantech's wireless kits are designed to meet the needs of various markets, it’s including retail, warehouse, transportation, smart city, and environmental monitor. This wireless kit can assist medical equipment makers in developing wirelessly connected smart systems to improve applications. Moreover, it can enhance efficiency, safety, and overall quality of healthcare services.