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Pioneering the Future of IoT with Advantech【Secured Cloud I/O】Solutions: ADAM-6000/6200 series


April 16, 2024, Taipei, Taiwan - Advantech (2395 TW), a world-renowned leader in industrial IoT, proudly announces the release of the ADAM-6000/6200 Secured Cloud I/O Series, a groundbreaking solution for Industrial IoT and remote asset management. 

Introducing the ADAM-6000/6200 Series Secured Cloud I/O

adam-6000/6200 secured cloud I/O

The ADAM-6000/6200 series, with its state-of-the-art IoT capabilities, offers direct cloud management and control of I/O devices. The integration of MQTT protocols and robust security features like X.509 certificate, Transport Layer Security (TLS) and IP allowlisting positions this series as a top-tier solution for the future of distributed asset management. 

This series is tailored for sectors such as smart factory, green energy, smart city, logistics, transportation and telecommunications, offering a flexible, scalable solution for managing assets across multiple sites.

Revolutionizing Remote I/O Control

The ADAM-6000/6200 series is engineered to facilitate direct management of I/O devices through the cloud. This transformative approach enables seamless monitoring and control of distributed assets, ensuring real-time data acquisition and decision-making across multiple sites.

Enhanced Security for Industrial IoT

At the core of the ADAM series is a robust security framework. The series implements X.509 certificate, Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption, ensuring secure data transmission between devices and the cloud. This encryption, combined with advanced Cipher Suites and IP Allowlisting, offers an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access, making it ideal for cloud-based IoT environments.

Simplified Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

The series champions ease-of-use with its OTA update feature. This functionality allows for efficient mass deployment of firmware, certificates, and configurations, significantly reducing downtime and maintenance costs. It ensures that all connected devices are uniformly updated, maintaining system integrity and performance.

Cloud-Based Device Management

Advantech's ADAM series streamlines device management, offering insights into overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), predictive maintenance, and lifecycle management. This approach enhances overall operational efficiency, minimizes unplanned downtime, and extends the lifespan of industrial assets.

Diverse Applications across Industries

The ADAM-6000/6200 series is not just a product; it's a versatile solution adept at addressing the nuanced demands of various sectors.

Cloud-based BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) Management:

  • Challenge: Managing high-volume BESS containers efficiently and securely, especially for hard-to-reach areas.
  • Solution: The ADAM series offers remote, MQTT-based management, ensuring secured communication via TLS with X.509 certificate, and reducing maintenance efforts. This facilitates real-time monitoring and control, crucial for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of BESS.

Retail Key Asset Management:

  • Challenge: Ensuring continuous monitoring and operational safety of key assets across global retail locations.
  • Solution: The series provides stable, remote access for 24/7 management, enabling retailers to effectively monitor assets and enhance the safety and efficiency of their operations.

Cloud Video Surveillance and I/O Control:

  • Challenge: Integrating robust video surveillance with effective alarm management and remote maintenance capabilities.
  • Solution: Features like Graphic Condition Logic (GCL) and peer-to-peer functions streamline alarm handling and facilitate rapid deployment, enhancing surveillance infrastructures for better security and response. 

Oil and Gas: 

  • Challenge: Achieving secure, reliable communication for data collection and maintenance in potentially hazardous environments. 
  • Solution: The series offers secured network communication via TLS with X.509, reducing the need for on-site services. The certifications like C1D2 ensure safe operation in hazardous conditions, enhancing personal and equipment safety.

A Future of Enhanced Efficiency and Security

The ADAM-6000/6200 secured cloud I/O series is set to satisfy industry transformation from local I/O management to cloud-based management from the user’s cloud APP, offering unparalleled efficiency and security. The series' wide range of applications showcases its adaptability and capability to realize cloud-based device management for high volume and highly distributed assets. 

The series is now available for order. For more product information, please refer to below.

【Download ADAM Cloud I/O E-brochure】

Download ADAM Cloud I/O E-brochure

Download the quick guide to ADAM secured cloud I/O, including feature highlights, applications, case studies, and online learning videos.

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Download ADAM Cloud I/O E-brochure

Maximizing Distributed Asset Management Efficiency  

Learn how to simultaneously manage ADAM I/O at multiple sites from the cloud to maximize the efficiency and security of distributed assets.