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Design To Order Services

DTOS Application Stories


Advantech DTOS team has involved in the embedded industry for years serving dedicated and streamlined customization services to enable a variety of applications in the market.

Revolutionizing High-End Medical Imaging with Advantech SQR-SD5N Integration

Elevating Enterprise Performance: Utilizing SQF EU-1 U.3 SSD in Multinucleated Cell Detection
Discover how Advantech's SQF EU-1 and EU-2 SSDs transform medical data handling with fast, dependable storage for cutting-edge medical technologies.
Design-In ePaper: Streamlined Embedded Display Modules for Wide-Ranging Applications
Our innovative design-in approach empowers end users to seamlessly integrate ePaper display panels into their hardware, thanks to customizable open-frame designs. With panel sizes ranging from to customizable 2.13" to 31.2", indoor and outdoor options, and efficient data transmission via USB and USB-C interfaces, the possibilities are endless
Transforming Urban Landscapes: The Versatility of ePaper Solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Environments
In the quest for a greener future, cities are turning to large-scale ePaper displays as champions of sustainability. By harnessing the power of ePaper, cities not only reduce their carbon footprint but also create smarter, safer, and more efficient urban environments.
The ePaper Revolution: Transforming Service Information Delivery
With the introduction of Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™) and images at 2-16 gray levels, ePaper offers a fresh visual experience. From factory floors to hospital corridors to the bustling aisles of retail, ePaper's vibrant visuals are setting a new standard in communication.

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